Effects of child abuse on language development of a child - Essay Example

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The paper focuses on the effects of child abuse on language development of a child. Abuse leads to a lot of emotional, psychological and behavioral disorders in children, which include certain speech impairments. It is only logical that child abuse affects the language development of children…
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Effects of child abuse on language development of a child
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"Effects of child abuse on language development of a child"

The paper focuses on the effects of child abuse on language development of a child. Abuse leads to a lot of emotional, psychological and behavioral disorders in children, which include certain speech impairments. It is only logical that child abuse affects the language development of children. A child’s ability to speak reflects its level of physical maturation, mental activity, emotional make-up and social relations. Language development depends on accurate understanding from healthy social interaction. Proper experience is needed for the acquisition and comprehension of language. Parents play a very important role in helping the child acquire proper language skills by becoming good models for children to imitate and by providing adequate facilities that can boost language acquisition. Proper guidance from parents is a must for language learning. However, children who are abused or neglected do not have the opportunity to obtain proper facilities which result in the speech impairment or disorders like lisping, stuttering and stammering. This paper intends to study what could be done for the improvement of the condition of such children who have to face the maltreatment. Affection, security, approval and freedom are the basic psychological needs of a child. Parents must satisfy these needs with the aim to develop the complete personality of a child. The child should sense the union with other people and should feel secure. Read More
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