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EDU 636 IP5 - Essay Example

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Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University Online Learning Environment and Designing The online learning environment is usually appreciated when there is a great amount of linkage and interaction available amongst the related realms. This means that the online learning environment would only be deemed as significant if there are efforts to design the environment in a manner which will inculcate growth and development across the board…
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EDU 636 IP5
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Download file to see previous pages What is even more pivotal is how the online learning environment will foster growth and productivity for the people who are bringing out this environment as well as for the ones who are the recipients of the same. Hence, interaction is the buzzword within such a setting as it grows over a period of time. The online learning environment is termed as a conducive one when there are efforts to ease the navigation in an out and out fashion. What this means is how the users would be able to make their way through the different tasks that are being offered to them through the online learning environment. The user-friendliness therefore is deemed as a very significant entity within the incorporation of the online learning environment which shall foster growth and development across the board. This would mean that there are giant efforts to set things right and that too within the correct perspectives – the viewpoints that take into consideration the already conducted research into the online learning environments of the past, and of today. ...
This will set the ball rolling as far as understanding the nuances of the online learning environment are concerned, as the users will feel that they are not only doing their own work within this environment but also being given a thing or two in terms of the aesthetics which remains a point to ponder in this day and age (Laughton, 2011). Since the times of today bank a great deal on the aesthetical angle, it is only natural to have its due incorporation within the thick of things. The usage of audio and video elements has also been seen as some of the more significant pointers within the comprehension of the online learning environments that have been developed in this day and age. What this has meant is the fact that these online learning environments become the tutorials for the audio and video modes and therefore represent success in the long term if the users connect with them in the most basic sense. Any other shortcoming that comes about in the wake of the technical glitches is something that one must get rid of because these can seriously hinder the smooth working domains of the online learning environments that have been developed today. Thus what one must take into perspective is how these online learning environments are designed and what kind of instructional quality elements are being incorporated so as to receive the best possible interaction that is the sole purpose of having the online learning environments in the first place. There is a dire need to set things right and this is something that poses as a huge problem which must be corrected so as to have proper linkage mechanisms in place. In essence, the principles of design are seen as being quintessential ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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