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Title: How can the performance and learning outcome of students be improved by identifying and designing a strategy to enhance the educational environment and encourage blended learning in higher educational institutions
The research question that is comfortable to deal with is "How can the performance and learning outcome of students be improved by identifying and designing a strategy to enhance the educational environment and encourage blended learning in higher educational institutions" when you break this research question into segments, it would be very easy to deal with.
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Blended Learning
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"Blended Learning"

Download file to see previous pages In the review of related literature, you need to offer some definitions for traditional face-to-face learning processes, its advantages and disadvantages, the perceptions of teachers towards using it, the perceptions of students towards being taught through it, and any other related materials.
When the above is achieved, you need to conduct a thorough literature review on online assessment and teaching, its origins, its impacts on the learning processes of students, its advantages and limitations, teachers perceptions and attitudes towards its use, as well as students' perceptions and attitudes towards being taught using the system. In all this, you need to actively research on some previous studies that have been undertaken on traditional face-to-face learning processes as well as on the online learning processes and assessment. You need to compare and contrast the two, and your analysis must be based on reliable information. That's why you need to undertake a deep literature review. ...
4. How is it perceived by both the students and the teachers Here, expound more on different perceptions and attitudes held by both the teachers and the students. Be sure to include attitudes and perceptions that are specific to the country where the case study will be carried out.
5. Does it increase the performance and learning outcomes of students

After that, be sure to conduct an extensive research for materials on the following
1. What does online assessment and blended learning entails
2. Document the growth of blended learning in institutions of higher learning. Be sure to include some examples of how blended learning is used in various institutions. Examples that are specific to your country will be excellent.
3. What are the advantages and limitations of blended learning in our institutions of higher learning Again, be sure to include some examples.
4. How has blended learning affected the performance and learning outcomes of students Blended learning entails the use of both face-to-face as well as Information Communication Technology (ICT) based form of learning. This is the most crucial part as it directly addresses the research question. Here, you must rely heavily on previous research and scholarly works of various authors to come up with means through which blended learning can be used to improve the performance and learning outcomes of students.
The following areas also need to be extensively researched on as they will guide your research question
1. Does the country have a strategy or policy paper on face-to-face learning processes If it is there, document it and be sure to document its effectiveness (or failures).
2. Has education stakeholders designed a strategy for incorporating blended learning in the institutions of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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