TD 4- HRM - 402 Delivering Training and Development - Essay Example

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Additionally, practical approach is anticipated as interaction is integrated to learning (Kibbee, and Gerzon, 2008).
When considering large amounts of factual content and the…
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TD 4- HRM - 402 Delivering Training and Development
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TD 4- HRM – 402 Delivering Training and Development Affiliation: Methods of Delivery: Training and Development room Training This method includes an instructor who aims at providing training to develop interpersonal skills. Additionally, practical approach is anticipated as interaction is integrated to learning (Kibbee, and Gerzon, 2008).
One-on-One Tutorial
In this case, structure is not a vital requirement as performance and development issues are addressed with this method – time allocated for this method is minimal (Kibbee, and Gerzon, 2008).
This training and development method involves communication of policy change and is a one-time presentation. The content is ever available and documented for awareness only (Kibbee, and Gerzon, 2008).
E-learning, Facilitated
This method adapts e-learning as the mode of discussion with instructions delivered through electronic means. Technical team offers electronic support as space for physical convening is limited.
E-learning, Self-paced
This method applies to individuals who would like to re-train on various areas. Since content has a narrow focus, it can be broken into smaller bits for comprehension.
Self-paced, Non-Electronic
In this case, content is non-electronic and the objective of the method is ensure that a specific skill is learned.
Blended Learning
When considering large amounts of factual content and the development of interpersonal skills, blended learning is adapted to ensure both in-class and electronic methods complement each other for the best results (Kibbee, and Gerzon, 2008).
Best Methods for an Organization
For an organization like Wal-Mart which has to train and develop its employees in both interpersonal level and cultural terms, blended method of delivering training and development is the best candidate. Following the amount of factual data and interpersonal skills needed, the blended learning method is the most suitable as each of the individual methods used contribute to more quality delivery of training and development. Since lengthy sessions are involved in delivering facts and developing skills, the rationale of choosing the blended learning method is to ensure that different learning levels are adapted as various departments within Wal-Mart require different levels of competency from different ranks of employees(United States Department of Labor, 2010),
Guthrie, A. (2014). Wal-Mart International Head Sees Difficult Operating Environment. The Wall Street Journal. Accessed online on January 19, 2015 from
Kibbee, K., and Gerzon, J. (2008). MIT Training Delivery Guide: Delivery Method Matrix. MIT Press.
United States Department of Labor. (2010). Best Practices for the Development, Delivery, and Evaluation of Susan Harwood Training Grants. Accessed online on January 19, 2015 from Read More
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