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Analysis of Pre-school in Three Cultures - Essay Example

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This paper talks about constructivism which is a teaching technique that helps to enrich and build new mental modals through personal and practical experience. The application of this technique is different in all the three culture targeted in this video. …
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Analysis of Pre-school in Three Cultures
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Pre-school in Three Cultures"

Download file to see previous pages Teacher and students repeat the date, day and whether aloud which gives them knowledge of their surroundings and time. Thus most of the time a child is doing something himself to learn and practice a new idea which helps to mature his mental modals about various real life phenomena. There is a 120 minute academic session with very little explicit academic instructions and children are supposed to learn by practice. The teacher encourages the children involvement in non-academic activities like singing, telling jokes and stories during these academic sessions. After lunch break the children are allowed to play all around the school where they learn through mutual interaction and cooperation. Teacher encourages unattended mutual resolution of disputes among children which instigate problem solving behavior among children. The teachers at Japanese pre-school have strong believe that problem solving and dispute resolutions, and empathy are important skills that a child learns through early childhood fighting and interaction with other children. Thus finding a solution himself is constructive for his learning experience. Origami, a Japanese art of making shapes by folding paper is yet another way of constructive learning at pre-schools. Children learn the persistence when they encounter problems, cooperate with each other. According to teachers origami is an important tool in constructive learning. At Dong-feng pre-school and day care center in China, the principal thinks that it is good for children as they learn to interact with each other. In classrooms there are several activities like children sing songs and match wooden elements with drawing on a page. At Saint Timothy in Honolulu Hawaii children come and have free play before the school formally starts. The school...
This paper stresses that behaviorism aims to bring measureable positive changes in children behaviors through practice and learning. Behavioral disobedience or rudeness are difficult to control and require a lot more methodical approach to address the actual issue behind any such behavioral problem. You may teach them to obey through self example of doing something good and polite repetition of tasks you designed to inculcate some basic learning outcomes in the children. The authos declares that a disciplined and self controlled behavior may help children to learn the skills of self control and disciple in the process. If child has some dispute with other child at play or learning area the American teacher encourage children to express their grievances instead hitting or entangling with each other. While in Japanese teacher encourages mutual resolution of disputes thus instigate problem solving behavior among children.
This report makes a conclusion that constructive and behavioral techniques and methodologies in three countries best suit to their cultures. The approaches are hard learned and time tested therefore, more often than not any change is resisted strictly. However, in changing environment of modern societies these methods and techniques are required to be reviewed and revisited constantly to bring about the changes that may help to instigate more practical and applicable approaches towards inculcating constructiveness and behavioral upholding of the children. The best approach is to let children learn through personal experience and a display of exemplary behavior. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Analysis of Pre-School in Three Cultures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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