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Importance Of The Education - Essay Example

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Education is a human right, as a lack of it leads to countless problems and is a source of stress for individuals, governments and at times, even whole economies. The paper "Importance Of The Education" discusses the link between a lack of education and poverty and a low standard of living…
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Importance Of The Education
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Download file to see previous pages Education by virtue of its very nature should be termed a human right, as a lack of it leads to countless problems and is a source of stress for individuals, governments and at times, even whole economies. Today, the world has become much more competitive than it had been in the past. That means that if one were to hope for success in the future, be it the financial success, social success or even self-sufficient success, education is, quite literally, the most important thing to have (Dewey, pp1).
Today, when big companies and corporations hire people, they usually only inquire about the applicant’s qualifications in terms of their diplomas or degrees. That only reinforces the need for a proper education today because ruthless as it may sound, nobody wants to employ uneducated, illiterate people today. Therefore, needless to say, lack of education leads to unemployment, and ultimately poverty. Clearly, the cruel link between a lack of education and poverty, and a low standard of living, has been made explicit as it is prevailing in 70% of the world today. Another important result of education is the civility that can only be taught by communicating and interacting with other individuals in an educational setting. For instance, in many developing countries, the way educated people act and behave is phenomenally different from the way uneducated people do. Today, disparity between different sects of society is a common observation, something that most governments are taking steps to reducing. A way to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor is through education, as this will benefit the masses and for society as a whole as well.
One major thing education indirectly teaches is the will to commit and to come up with the determination that this ‘will’ requires. Acquiring an education is more than only going to class and writing tests. Many times, it can be a financial burden, other times it can be too time-consuming. Along the way, students earning a degree have to make a whole lot of sacrifices and compromises. Sometimes it can be as slight as not snapping at a teacher for being unreasonable, other times, it can mean not attending your best friend’s birthday party to finish studying for a test. Either way, it is not always, as fulfilling as it seems to be, and many a times its rewards are only felt right at the end. Thus, throughout the course of 4 years or 8 years or however long it takes to earn that degree, one must constantly strive to thrive; as in the end even in education, it is a rat race. When one fails, one must stay up another night and redo the assignment, push oneself to work harder and better, to lead. In the end, the people with the honors are the ones that stayed up the most nights, the ones that partied least and the ones that gave it their all.
Before one enrolls to earn a degree, one must acknowledge that time spent vaguely is time wasted. Choosing the right major is an extremely important part of the educational process, perhaps the most important. One must take careful consideration of one’s interests, hobbies, weaknesses, and strengths. Furthermore, students must always take into account the real, ruthless side of an occupation. Having a romanticized view of a career can be very detrimental and leads to more harm than good. Choices should be realistic, but most importantly, made independently. For example, a student that took the sciences and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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