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E-Commerce Marketing Plan for Gap Inc - Case Study Example

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This paper "E-Commerce Marketing Plan for Gap Inc." discusses the widespread existence of the Internet for the exchange of transactions between buyers and sellers as the fundamental motive for the establishment of electronic commerce (e-Commerce)…
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E-Commerce Marketing Plan for Gap Inc
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Extract of sample "E-Commerce Marketing Plan for Gap Inc"

Download file to see previous pages The business of the bleu is a web-based or ecommerce business that offers the customers the products from the outfit and accessorize from head to toe with five basic brands. Bleu is aimed at offering and meeting the customer’s requirements for a unique lifestyle. Currently, Bleu also established the business regarding the full range of “accessories and furnishings” for a business customer to individualize their home, with a unique style of living and wearing. This report will present detailed analysis of the Bleu ecommerce website marketing plan. This research and analysis report will present a comprehensive overview of the different areas of Bleu online marketing strategy implementation.

Bleu business is offering accessories and furnishings that are based on the range of high-quality fabrics and materials. The basic business of the Bleu is going to start from the outfit and accessorize from head to toe, however, presently Bleu is offering all types of living and wearing products. The majority of the Bleu products and furnishings are developed in house, used present sellers from the banana republic, Gap brand, as well as a lot of other high-quality vendors. Bleu basically aims to offer lifestyle home accessories and furnishings to customers, offering them innovative and related products to permit them to produce their individual style as well as their home. Bleu is basically targeting the 25-35-year-old urban professionals, who presently shop the Gap, Inc. products as well as are looking for effective quality. This business also offers the similar home accessories and furnishings products that fit with Bleu’s target lifestyle customers. The business of the Bleu currently operational through the physical business store as well as online web-based stores. This new business marketing plan is aimed at offering better services and gaining a competitive edge as well as a better web-based business support to customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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E-Commerce Marketing Plan for Gap Inc Case Study.
(E-Commerce Marketing Plan for Gap Inc Case Study)
E-Commerce Marketing Plan for Gap Inc Case Study.
“E-Commerce Marketing Plan for Gap Inc Case Study”.
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