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E-Commerce Business Model By Date Table of Contents Executive Summary Without a doubt, at the present information technology plays a significant role in all the areas of life. It has not only modernized the way we live in this world but also improved the way business organizations carry out their tasks…
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E-Commerce business model
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Download file to see previous pages In fact, the business has been making a profitable use of its e-commerce platform to attract new customers as well as retain existing customers. For this purpose the business model that this business has adopted is known as business2customer (B2C) model. This business model allows GAP Enterprise to perform transactions directly with its customers. The web site contains a wide variety of dresses for both males and females including with other accessories. In this report I will analyze the business structure of GAP Enterprise by paying a particular attention on its e-commerce business. In this report I will discuss its e-commerce model and how it makes use of its e-commerce business to attract its customers. In this report I will present some of recommendations regarding e-procurement, e-marketing, and improvement of online ordering and for Internationalization of the GAP website. Introduction In the past few years, traditional business practices have been replaced with modern and innovative business environment. In this scenario, e-commerce is a very attractive trend that has attained the attention of the majority of business organization. Basically, e-commerce is a way of carrying out business tasks using the Internet or over the Internet. In this scenario, business and customers can communicate with each other. There are so many benefits of using an e-commerce business platform (Laudon & Laudon, 1999; Turban et al., 2005). This report will present a detailed analysis of an ecommerce platform. For this report I have chosen GAP’s e-commerce platform. Basically, this firm uses a business2customer business model for attracting different customers. In this report I will present an analysis of its different aspects. Though, the GAP Corporation is a web based e-commerce platform however it also works through a physical store can provide its customers with a wide variety of products varying from outfit and accessories such as head to toe with a well established brand. In addition, GAP Enterprise is aimed at offering and meeting the customer’s requirements and expectations in a unique manner. Thus, currently the GAP has also established the business offering a full range of “accessories and furnishings” for business customers to individualize their home, with a unique style of living and wearing. This report presents a detailed analysis of GAP’s e-commerce platform, e-commerce model and major recommendations for e-procurement, e-marketing, improvement of online ordering and for Internationalization of the GAP website. Figure 1Web site of GAP Enterprise, Image Source: www.GAP.com Organizational Overview Gap Inc. is a well-known retailer which presents a wide variety of accessories, clothing, and personal care products specially designed for women, men, babies and children under the Gap, Old Navy, banana republic, Athleta and Piperlime brands. Additionally, the staff working at Gap Inc. consists of more than 132,000 people. In addition, it has more than 3,000 corporate stores and more than 250 franchise stores all around the world. Some of the well-known brands of Gap Inc. are: (Gap Inc., 2012) Gap GapKids babyGap GapMaternity GapBody Banana Republic Old Navy Piperlime Athleta Figure 2 A Banner to Attract the customers Attraction for Customers GAP Inc. offers a wide variety of accessories and dressing styles developed through high quality fabrics and materials. Historically, this business started by offering outfit and access ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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