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Business Model - Essay Example

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In the paper “Business model” the author analyzes the aspects of the processes of a business model that has the abilities to initiate radical changes in the company and promote the future growth of the airline industry. This model will be competitive and innovative enough to solve the problems.
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Business Model
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Extract of sample "Business Model"

Download file to see previous pages The business model was developed through though an integration of both creativity and innovation skills as shown in the appendix. Each of the group members was required to suggest a noble idea that would help in developing a business model suitable to solve the challenges facing the future development of the company. The ideas were merged to develop the model. The ideas suggested by the members were based on a number of factors. One of the factors is that the suggestions had to be focused towards managing the stability of the airline. Another aspect of the ideas is that they were supposed to conscious of the discontinuity aspect of the overall business strategy of the company. The members were thus supposed to possess personal experience and skills in the business in order to suggest ideas that had the ability to manage strategy discontinuities in the process of implementing the strategy. The ideas were also dependent on the ability to maintain and manage patterns arising in the industry due to technological and market-driven needs (Chen, 2009). This is the final business model was supposed to create an environment that balances several strategies necessary for the growth of the company. The last factor is that the ideas were dependent on the ability to balance changes in the industry facilitate continuity and growth of the business. An effective business model should have the ability to determine when to replace redundant strategies with new strategies in the implementation of the model. The processes involved in the creation of the business model were thus suitable in developing a model that had the abilities to initiate radical changes in the company and promote the future growth of the company (Chesbrough & Rosenbloom, 2002). Evaluation of a business model This section entails an evaluation of the business model including its ability to promote the future growth of the company. The evaluation is based on a comparison between Quasi-charitable provision and E-commerce business models. The evaluation thus involves a comparison between the Quasi-charitable provision of a service project and introduction of e-commerce in the company’s booking system. This is because Quasi-charitable provision of a service project is not viable in the long-run and does not consider the issues of emerging markets (Michael & George, 2006). The analysis will consist of an overview of the SWOT analysis of the two models. Quasi-charitable provision of a service project or business model Overview The model will be effective in addressing the challenges in business growth, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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