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Fashion and Consumer Culture - Essay Example

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Fashion and Consumer Culture
Fashion designs keep changing each day following the demand of the society. In many cases, the society would go for the latest fashion in the market without asking who designed the fashion…
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Fashion and Consumer Culture
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Fashion and Consumer Culture

Download file to see previous pages... Consumers like changing taste of products that they consume in the market. Clothing industry takes the advantage of advancing technology into wooing their customers to consume their products. The diversity in the society is a major factor that influences the market trends that fashion designers use to manipulate the market. For example, the television shows affect the demand for new fashions in the market. Television viewers usually tend to go for the designs that they view in the television channels. Some of the fashions that they feel they should consume belong to the royal family while others belong to the celebrity.
It is a common trend in the society for artist and other special people in the society to come up with cloth designs, which distinguish them from the rest of the society. Artists who criticize the social trends in the society may come up with a design that seems to drum their views to the society. On the other hand, the society would pick the fashion without considering factors that led to its design. The society seems to incline on views and opinion of a few designers and artist to buy their products. For instance, lovers of a specific artist would be willing to dress the way the artist does no matter the cost that it takes. The aim of this paper is to discuss the notion; consumers are passive victims manipulated into buying commodities they cannot resist.
Modernity contributes a lot in shaping the type of products that people buy. Social integration and mimicking of cultural practices by other communities has influenced the method fashion designers use to develop their products (Arpan & Peterson, 2008:78). Cultural practices are unique and diversified according to the number of tribes that exist in the society. Some cultures seem to dominate the market with their products because the majority of people in the society feel that they should associate with the cultural practices of a particular community. It is important to note that such practices have led the fashion trends to incline towards building the market with products that belong to that community. For example, western holiday lifestyle has influenced the kind of fashion during relaxation in beaches. Many women wear bikini in beaches and feel comfortable in it. This trend has influenced the consumption of bikini in other parts of the world because of growing civilization and globalization. For example, the African coasts have adopted the product because they share the shame cultures as shaped by civilization. Notably, consumers do not wish to know about the history of a specific product, instead, they would consume the product as it present itself to the market. Fashion in the market tends to follow seasons (Sassatelli, 2007:59). During hot season, the fashion designers would come up with products that seem to obey the climate change. Once the product come into the market, many consumers will rush for the product shunning the previous products in the market. This consumer trend is beneficial to fashion designers because it makes their product sell in the market. The intention behind designing a variety of products in the market is to control the amount products that consumers buy. Methods of creating and retaining customers applied in business contribute a lot in influencing the work of fashion designers. In many cases, the need to attract customers leads to innovative practices employed by the designers. In attracting customers to buy a particular product, the preference of the consumer would influence the approach that designers would take in rolling the product into the market. For instance, when the product had a single slit, the designers would add another slit and roll ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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