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Discuss the work of an artist of your choice who engages critically with the concept of fashion and consumer culture. Support yo - Essay Example

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Title Name of of Professor Date In the Modern sense of the word, art is anything which shows the essence of life, which may be absurd or beautiful. Art is basically the creative output of a person, which may involve various forms like music, literature, dance or a painting…
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Discuss the work of an artist of your choice who engages critically with the concept of fashion and consumer culture. Support yo
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Discuss the work of an artist of your choice who engages critically with the concept of fashion and consumer culture. Support yo

Download file to see previous pages... And it is art through which archeologists calculate the age of a certain ‘lost’ civilization. It has been established so far that paintings are the most ancient and noble form of expression. Though art is unique to each artist but each of them fall in a certain epoch where certain trends were famous. It is important to note that these trends are largely influenced by the socio-cultural, economical and political situation of that particular place. Consider the movement of Renaissance, which took birth in Italy and later spread to the whole Europe and Britain as well. The political turmoil had given birth to a want of perfection, towards change and most importantly to a more meaningful approach of life. Towards the 16th century, the hold of the Church had also grown weak and so people started to interpret the holy book through their own intelligence. This attitude is redundant in the works of Michelangelo. Hence, art and especially fine arts gives a glimpse into the society as a whole and also represents the fashion of that age too. For it is impossible to ignore such impacts in the lives of human beings and since artists are sensitive beings, they are prone to changes even by the slightest notion. It may differ that whether the fine artist approves of the fashion and consumer culture or disregards it in his paintings or a sculpture, which thoroughly depends on the nature of that artist but these influences, will find their places in the nooks and crevices of the work of art. Being an artist means that they live a life of their own pattern and standard. It is universally accepted that the artists’ especially fine artists do not have a limit and that artists consider art as their religion. For this very reason, artists from various sects in the society are scorned for their waywardness which for the artist is the way of life. This being established, it can be said that most artists live a life of their own choice and that a 9-5 job cannot bound them. There are various universities in the US where 24 hour studio is available for their fine arts students. However this does not mean that the fine artist can just excel in painting and drawing but there are fields like digital and graphic painting and also art marketing where the fine art students do get white collar jobs. Hence, a clear resolution for their profession cannot be drawn with a mathematical formula. In this paper, Max Ernst’s work in regard to fashion and consumer culture shall be discussed. “Max Ernst was a German-born Surrealist who helped shape the emergence of Abstract Expressionism in America post-World War II. Armed with an academic understanding of Freud, Ernst often turned to his work-whether sculpture, painting, or collage-as a means of processing his experience in World War I and unpacking his feelings of dispossession in its wake.” (Fiedorek) He is best known for promoting collage and it is noted that before him no other fine artist had esteemed the position of a collage as a form of art. According to him, “Collage is the noble conquest of the irrational, the coupling of two realities, irreconcilable in appearance, upon a plane which apparently does not suit them.” (Rogers) It is said that a childhood trauma made him see that this world is full of different realities existing at the same time. The trauma was of losing a beloved pet and interestingly his baby sister was born that very night. This left a deep mark on him which is obvious in his works of art as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss the importance of process and materials in the work of your artist or designer ( Rex Brandt )
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