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How and why has fashion production been globalised - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date The Globalization of fashion Globalization is the international acceptance according to changes in perceptions, products, inventions, and other culturally related aspects. The major contributors to globalization are the internet and easy mobility to due to improvements on the transport industry…
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How and why has fashion production been globalised
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Download file to see previous pages Some of these product logos and brands include Versace, Louis Vuiton, Victoria secrets, and Nike among many others. In globalization, consumers draw purchasing potential from the aspect that these products associate with class, sexuality, and the immense media marketing coverage given by these media forms. Mostly, fashion products find their increase in popularity through magazines, internet, televisions, celebrity music videos, and in international films hence creating a sense of identity among the global consumers. In this regard, this essay will delve on the ways in which fashion has gone global. Fashion technique Fashion is a body related technique, which encompasses certain aspects of communication that include gestures and other body movements in the portrayal of habits. Fashion is a distinct avenue of expressing individuality and standing out among other society members. Ideally, exotic fashion wear becomes the most unfamiliar fashion dressing that portrays technicality in display and dressing. Further, being exotic in the westernized world implies that a clothing collection is different from preceding fashion productions depicting newness and no previous existence (Craik, 1994:17). Therefore, exoticism is a fashion technique in which consumers easily identify the products that are new and trending in the market. Certain aspects of culture and cultural norms across non-westernized cultures influence the modes of dressing and accessorizing some westernized cultures and fashion houses. For instance, fashion houses across Europe borrow distinct aspects of culture either from the saris from India, to the veils worn by Islamic women or the intense body beautification practiced by Africans. Moreover, the exotic technical aspect in fashion may ape the way of dressing from certain cultures to depict heavy fashion statements. This may include the hippie way of dressing influenced by the Indian mode of dressing and wearing draped fashion wear copied from the way peasants dress (Maynard, 2004:70). Clearly, fashion in the western world is quite contrary to social beliefs, class, and customary elements in the non-westernized cultures. For instance, in the non-westernized cultures some dressing techniques depict heavy spiritual belief and acknowledgement of religion rather the western view of being trendy and unique. Sequentially, the use of fashion and fashion production statements across non-westernized cultures is a rare phenomenon since these cultures do not emphasize the need to establish superficial identity. However, fashion trends relate to better performing economies and not to struggling economies because of the ready market and the cultural embrace given to their fashion production by fashion enthusiasts within these economies. On the other hand, decorations a fashion parade express the importance of adding value to the fashion in display (Palmer and Clark, 2005:27). Ideally, a fashion production without chunky and intensely visible decor appears flat and non-attractive to the eyes. Decors and accessories as fashion techniques tend to display sophistication and significant fashion knowledge. In essence, fashion creates a loud communication through the dressing that provides an avenue for people to judge one’s personal taste in fashion aspects. Additionally, fashion application and production helps in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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