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Globalism: The Contemporary World 1960-Present - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Subject Date Globalism: The contemporary World 1960- Present Globalization refers to the interdependence of principles and entities in all parts of the globe. Globalization is a process that links the entire world and makes it mutually dependent in issues to do with economics, culture and people…
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Globalism: The Contemporary World 1960-Present
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Download file to see previous pages This paper gives an overview of how globalism has greatly influenced the manner in which art forms have been evolving over time. Globalism is a characteristic feature of post-modern and contemporary art. This is evident in the Iranian born Shirin Neshat’s works of art. In her work, women of Allah, she has brought out a woman adorned in the traditional black veil usually worn by Muslim women, but what is striking is the presence of the rifle. The rifle links the traditional Muslim woman with the modern culture that is characterized by sophisticated weapons, for instance the rifle that is traversing her face. Her art brings forth conflicting issues in that the traditional Muslim woman was to stay at home and be submissive to the man, but due to the advent of globalism, this is not the case. In the face of globalism, both men and women are equal; hence the Muslim woman can wage war to free herself from bondage (Gloria 160). Globalism, which has been characterized by the presence of life transforming situations, has seen an increase in the immigration of people in the pursuit of greener opportunities in the lands beyond. These immigrations have had untold effects on the arts and literatures of their new homes. When the immigrants’ culture and that of the natives merge, they give birth to new dances, foods and cultures. Slowly by slowly, the native ethnic roots are swallowed as new art forms take the center stage. Through globalism, the ethnic identity is lost. Globalism enables visual art forms document the aspect that a certain ethnic group would like to keep and maintain in order praise their own ethnic identity. In contribution to the culture of the new place that a certain group has immigrated to, new cultures arise, for instance Luis Jimenez’s fiber glass sculptures were his contribution to the American culture since he was Latino. Through the sculpture, Luis was only trying to keep alive the latino culture that was being threatened by the new American culture. Through written work, Amichai and Darwish weave antiquity, reminiscences and optimism together. This gives them identity amidst a blurred background characterized by hostilities. Through their work, these artists propagate hope to their cultures that one day things will be better. Globalism has enabled their works to be viewed worldwide and thus their works have achieved global acclaim. Some electronic and digital technologies have impacted negatively on globalism. The inventions of powerful weapons encourage terrorism. The September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre is only but an example of how technology can be used to reap adverse consequences. Technology has enabled several photographs and films be produced and thus keep a constant memory of these painful episodes. These happenings have inspired artists to come out and compose works that are powerful yet carry a deathly message. Since the world has become a global village, a happening in one part of the world affects the other pieces of the jigsaw that form the entire world. Like the ecosystem, that gets polluted when greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, the entire world usually feel the weight placed on it by one state due to the interconnectedness of globalization Chinese paintings and sculptures have greatly contributed to the world culture. Works that depart from the Chinese culture and tradition have been sold at exorbitant prices in the European art market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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