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Importance of the Culture Industries - Coursework Example

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From the paper "Importance of the Culture Industries" it is clear that almost all firms endeavour to relate their products with aesthetics, style, fashion and taste of consumers, cultural products are distinguishable because they are consumed only for their inherent meaning…
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Importance of the Culture Industries
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Extract of sample "Importance of the Culture Industries"

Download file to see previous pages Several aspects that could be considered while delineating the cultural industry and differentiating it from other industries producing and providing traditional goods and services. It also remains to be an issue as to what falls in the category of cultural products and what constitutes a part of conventional industries.
In modern times, most of the goods and services being produced are given a touch of artistic aesthetics while considering consumer tastes, styles and fashions. This blurs the differentiation between cultural and traditional products. However, there are certain elements that are highly evident in cultural products while absolutely missing or less visible in conventional goods and services. It is therefore very important to understand the elements that constitute major parts of cultural products. When culture is combined with industry or the notion of capitalism i.e. production and distribution of arts for the purpose of profit, which is mainly achieved through branding and other aspects of marketing, it has a profound impact on the promotion of the artistic genre. I will argue that not every commercial product can be categorised as cultural a product because there is a fine and visible line that differentiates these two entirely distinct sectors. I will also argue that commercialisation or industrialisation of cultural products hampers the flow of artistic work to consumers in the purest form.
This paper begins by defining cultural industries through various aspects and draws them apart from traditional industries. It also divides the conception of cultural products into two distinct categories viz. entertainment and fashion. Finally, it elaborates the impact that capitalism can have on the promotion and free flow of pure cultural products because of cultural industries.
Cultural industries are considered to be integral parts of any society and its demonstration and appreciation of aesthetic qualities. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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