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Consumption, Markets and Culture - Essay Example

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In this research, it is argued that on the contrary fashion should be interpreted as a way of expressing one’s dedication to modernist virtues. The framework of George Ritzer, which is famously known as The McDonaldization of Society, is used as the primary approach to associate such virtues…
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Consumption, Markets and Culture
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Extract of sample "Consumption, Markets and Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Intangible fashion is the classic post-modernist consumer practice, or as the multitudes assume to be. Modernist principles are not homogenous and are insignificant manners conflicting, giving impetus to the dynamics of fashion that can be perceived. Fashion, yet consumption in common, is, due to its relations with emotions, irrationality, and ineffectiveness, rarely examined in the social sciences. Some regard fashion, clothes and other ways of adorning the body, as the classic post-modern tradition because it is extremely unpredictable. Others emphasize the production part of the story to elaborate on the dynamics of this practice. This subject matter is also selected by economists investigating fashion. Even though this is undoubtedly an important point, it is not the overriding element.
So as to express one of the theoretical fundamentals of consumption, which is mass culturalism, it is important to make some comparisons between various kinds of mass culturalism. For several centuries, numerous thinkers have criticized mass culture and modernity too, for the threats it creates too great cultural values. From both sides of the narrative are basically the same, and ‘Americanization’ frequently functions the same purpose in both accounts. Theorists such as Nietzsche, Eliot, Leavis and other on the one side have proposed that the masses endanger to sink in the best that has been deliberated and said. For these thinkers, developed societies tend to even out the cultural differentiation, or more precisely hierarchies, that permit elite objects and traditions to emerge (Daunton & Hilton 2001). The mass suppresses individual intellect.
A similar classification of arguments can be attributed to the other face of the account. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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