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Fishing Trip to Andros Bahamas - Essay Example

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The author of the paper tells how he went on a fishing trip with a few friends to Andros, the largest island in the Bahamas for a few days. What attracted them to this area was the prospect of fishing for the dolphin-fish called Mahi Mahi in the local Hawaiian language and Dorado in Spanish…
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Fishing Trip to Andros Bahamas
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Extract of sample "Fishing Trip to Andros Bahamas"

Download file to see previous pages After checking in at the South Andros Beach House, we decided to go for fishing first and ventured out from near the Emerald Palms. We could not see any tackle or fly shops around but were glad that we brought our own fishing gear, which was quite adequate. A local fishing guide accompanied us in the boat. He informed us that these beautiful blue-green fish have a short life span of only a few years; can be caught in the open ocean, and are especially to be found near seaweed or floating debris in warm current. Using trolling dead squids and with the help of our guide, we were fortunate to catch a few in the deep sea. The largest weighed about 25 lb. We were surprised by the sudden changes of color after the catches to an eventual yellow-grey. Also, it was strange how our guide was being more observant of the behavior of nearby birds than looking at the ocean. He told us that this helped him to identify what species of fish are likely to be present and where. As we thanked him back on shore, he also advised us to come again in a few months time as the conditions would be more ideal then. But we were quite satisfied with what we caught. After lunch, we spent the afternoon alongside the ocean to enjoy ourselves. Then in the evening, we decided to stroll the streets of Andros Town to explore Brazilian culture. We were flabbergasted by what we saw. The beaches were beautiful and the ocean very relaxing, but there was so much else the island offered inland. There were a lot of historic buildings dotted around that were great to look at. And, we also found ourselves in time to attend a craft exhibition taking place. Another enjoyable moment was closer to our base, cycling through Congo Town on rented cycles. We were told about the cemetery, which sits in the sea and reveals coffins during low tide but never got to see that for ourselves. What we did witness though that we found spooky was a deserted ghost town. The only people around were visitors like us. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Fishing Trip to Andros Bahamas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words)
Fishing Trip to Andros Bahamas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
“Fishing Trip to Andros Bahamas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words”, n.d.
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