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Demand for personal guns as fear of crime increases - Essay Example

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Earlier many people sacrificed their lives in the battlefield for protecting the boundary of their state whereas at present even innocent people forced to sacrifice their lives because of terrorists and other…
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Demand for personal guns as fear of crime increases
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Extract of sample "Demand for personal guns as fear of crime increases"

Download file to see previous pages Tourists or travellers cannot walk alone during night time in Bahamas because of the possibility of robbery and other massacres. Sexual assaults are one of the major criminal activities in the streets of Bahamas in general and in the beaches in particular. “Crimes ranging from theft of lawn furniture to home invasions occur, even within gated communities” (The Bahamas 2008 Crime & Safety Report, 2008). Governments failed to give enough protection to the life and properties of Bahamian people or the tourists and the need for a personal gun for self defence is important in the Bahamian society. This paper briefly analyses the need for the possession of personal gun and the trends in gun market with special emphasize to Bahamas.
The current trends in gun market are not good for the gun manufacturers, especially in US. The 9/11 incident has created immense demand for the personal guns for the self defence purpose. The trend continued till 2008. But the election of anti-gun liberal Obama as the American president has created concerns among the gun users and manufacturers about stiff laws and the gun sales has come down drastically at present in America. The chart given below shows the US handgun market from 1990 onwards.
It is evident from the chart given above that the demand for personal gun has picked up from 2001 onwards. It is because of the fact that the US public were aware of the needs of personal guns after the 9/11 incident. People have realized that their protection and safety cannot be guaranteed by the governments and it is wise to keep some self defending measures all the time. The demand for personal gun has shown an upward trend till 2008. But after that the serious financial crisis forced the public to rethink about the expenditure for personal protection and the sales statistics given below shows that the the economic crisis combined with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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