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Gun Control - Research Paper Example

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Gun Control Introduction America has often been regarded as one among the biggest democracies in the world. These democratic aspects of the country are quite evident in majority of the issues related with America. Therefore, any policy concerning the rights of the individuals will have far reaching implications in America…
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Gun Control
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Extract of sample "Gun Control"

Download file to see previous pages When one observes the recent political scenario in America with regard to this issue, one can see that the Democrats stand for the gun control measures and the Republicans oppose it. Many are of the opinion that the issues related with handgun by civilians and students have now become a severe issue and a real threat to the day to day life of the Americans. Even the sniper shootings are capable of providing the civilians sleepless nights. Some of the recent studies have identified that different states of America are in two layers regarding this issue. The sect that protests strongly against the gun control is the gun lobby which has gripped American society like an octopus. NRA (National Rifle Association), the most prominent gun lobby in America, upholds the Second Amendment of the American Constitution that protects individual’s right to use firearms for self defense, in order to hide their secret desires. In addition to this, they also resort to the verdict of the Supreme Court in the year 2001 that protected the right of the individuals to use fire arms. As it is the current state pertaining to the use of guns in America, there arise a notable question concerning the abuse of guns by the criminals, mentally ill persons and children. When people are protected by law with regard to the use of guns, one can certainly say that there is more probability for its abuse. The recent shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio and many other incidents invite one’s attention to the hazard of bearing weapons among the citizens. In the United States, gun related violence among the criminals; mentally ill persons and children show a gradual growth in recent years. Therefore, there should be strong regulations on when and how these weapons are practiced. Analyzing the cause and effects of increasing gun related violence, one can find the fact that gun ownership has become widespread and easier in the United States in recent years. Nowadays gun related deaths and injuries among the public became a serious trouble in the United States. Existing mandatory laws in the United States permits lawful use of guns for personal defense among the public. Unfortunately, many people use their hand guns illegally and produce harmful effects. Persons who protest the gun control laws strongly argue that there are nominal evidences which prove that gun control reduce the crime rate. Increasing gun related crimes in the United States create relevant challenges against national security and individual freedom. However, an effective law or strict regulation is essential against the use of guns in the hands of criminals, mentally ill persons and children. The issue of gun related violence among the criminals, mentally ill persons and children in the United States Persons from criminal backgrounds often practice guns for their criminal activities and it causes for number of deaths, gun related injuries and heavy violence. Dissimilar from ordinary people, criminals have the tendency to misuse gun in their daily life. In other words, people who engaged in criminal actions create their own law and social system. Therefore, gun uses among these criminal groups covey a negative message to society. In addition, the increase of gun related violence is a serious issue that reveals the failure of judiciary and legal system in the country. James K. Stewart, Director, National Institute of Justice, rightly observes that “ ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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