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This essay takes into consideration the ‘4th of July’ and the ‘Christmas’ holidays to make a comparison between the two of them. The paper describes the reasons for these holidays celebration, nature and the weather that takes place during these holidays…
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Holidays Holidays make our lives interesting and it is very common for or the working to wait for upcoming holidays. This essay will take into consideration the ‘4th of July’ and the ‘Christmas’ holidays to make a comparison between the two.
First and foremost, the nature of both holidays differs to a large extent if we take a closer look at the reason for which they are celebrated. Christmas holidays have their origin in the Christian religion and for this reason Christmas holidays may be regarded as having a religious feel. They are reflection of the Christian belief system. On the other hand, 4th of July has a patriotic feel, since it relates to a historical achievement of the American people in the history.
Another prominent difference is the weather that is associated with these holidays. The 4th of July and summer appear to be bonded together and hence the celebrations are in accordance to the warm weather. Christmas on the other hand is during the cold part of the year and so Christmas is celebrated in warm clothes coupled with snow.
As far as similarities are concerned, both holidays are well recognized throughout the nation and both have national acceptance and approval; so the whole nation celebrates them in a unified form. Both holidays serve to give the message of being united at the national level; an aspect that is important in international scenario. Moreover, both holidays provide a means of interaction and recreation to the masses, who are otherwise absorbed in their busy daily lives throughout the year. Read More
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