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Compare or constrast the differences in Asian and European traditions - Essay Example

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A variation in the way individuals conduct their activities and mark events, I learned, is the basis for the conflicting and common traditional practices among races. I have had chance…
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Compare or constrast the differences in Asian and European traditions
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"Compare or constrast the differences in Asian and European traditions"

Download file to see previous pages People from china and Italy have a common way of celebrating their historical heritage. The Chinese, like the Italians, have a strict sense for their ethical values which define their conduct and principles. The Chinese and the Italians have reverence for their languages. Most Italians and Chinese prefer speaking their respective languages. Individuals from both countries attach much value to their ancient traditional practices, with a strong connection to their traditional lives. Bianco talks about Alfani lineage, which is a known old family in his country(Baca, & Martines 108). The Romans in Italy have held on to the ancient roman traditional worship practice. Whereas the Chinese have had divided tradition practices, their cultural practices have helped in uniting them. Historically, the Great Wall of China played a significant role in uniting the Chinese people. The historical archives on the Roman Empire have acted as a uniting factor for the Italians. Although Italians may be divided due to economic and social reasons, the country has been united by the Italian national football team. The team has won world cup for a couple of times. On the other hand, the Chinese have been united by the performance of the Chinese Olympic team.
Italy is one of the hospitable countries in Europe. The Chinese shares this similarity. The Chinese strongly condemns contempt for the foreigners. Most Italians prefer living in peace with foreigners. Compared to most European countries, the country has scored highly in terms of growing its relations with the immigrant population. The Chinese people are respectable to foreigners and immigrants. The Chinese government is a member of the United Nations organization that has a mandate of protecting the human life. The Chinese government has acted within the mandate of the United Nations when dealing with the problem of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Compare or Constrast the Differences in Asian and European Traditions Essay)
Compare or Constrast the Differences in Asian and European Traditions Essay.
“Compare or Constrast the Differences in Asian and European Traditions Essay”, n.d.
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