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Early modernist art movements - Essay Example

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This essay describes "Early modernist art movements". Since art is clearly among the fields that the human race has taken as seriously as possible, it is evident that it has a lot of impact on how we relate with each other and like every other field in history…
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Early modernist art movements
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Extract of sample "Early modernist art movements"

Download file to see previous pages Futurism is clearly an innovative movement which was launched in Italy in 1909. Nonetheless, there were parallel art movements in Russia, England, and other regions. It is one of the first and among the most critical early modernist art movements that were not centered in Paris-this is evidently the reason why France does not take the movement seriously. Futurism was responsible for exalting the modern world dynamism, particularly in the field of science and technology. Futurism had begun in literature but spread its wings covering painting, industrial design, sculpture, and so on and their ideology influenced all other types of art. This piece, The City Rises, is considered to be the first painting in the futurism movement. The artist, Boccioni, illustrates a modern city in construction. In the image, it is clear that the artist depicts chaos and movement that resembles a war scene. Some people state that this work shows that the futurism movement believed that war was the only viable means toward culture progress. The racing horses into the work’s foreground as workers are seen struggling to gain control indicate a struggle between animals and people. Animals shown are not very clear indicating movement while other objects are painted more realistically. Boccioni also shows the influences of Impressionism, Cubism, and Post-Impressionism as seen in the broken exemplification of space. Constructivism happened in Russia and was the most influential in the 20th century, it was also the modern movement. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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