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Chinese and American Zombies - Essay Example

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The author or this essay "Chinese and American Zombies" provides the difference in the presentation of zombies in China and the USA. Reportedly, it is necessary to note that the concept of the zombie or undead is present in many cultures. …
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Chinese and American Zombies
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Extract of sample "Chinese and American Zombies"

Download file to see previous pages The way people turn into Chinese or American zombies has certain similarities and differences. When it comes to American zombies, they were created by Voodoo spells. Thus, voodoo priests (through spells) could make the person their slave. Importantly, the concept of slavery has been very strong for Americans and it is the core of the idea of zombies. Another way of turning into a zombie is to be bitten by one. As far as Chinese zombies are concerned, they are created when a person commits a suicide, they are victims of premature burial or they were killed and want to revenge. The major feature of the concept of the Chinese zombie is their desire to “absorb life essence”. The difference between the two types of monsters is that American zombies eat flesh whereas Chinese zombies absorb souls of people.
Major features of zombies also differ in the two cultures. Thus, American zombies walk slowly, they are almost deprived of the ability to think and they only strive to satisfy their hunger for human flesh. Their bodies often deteriorate or even disintegrate. As for Chinese zombies, they can look at living people if they turned into zombies shortly after their death or they can look like horrific monsters if they were dead for a while before becoming undead. Besides, these creatures’ hair and nails keep growing and they hop with their mouths wide open always ready to grasp a person’ soul (Bai 109). Chinese zombies hop and as the name suggests (stiff bodies) they do not move their limbs. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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