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A Thesis Driven Argument in Education - Essay Example

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This essay is an argumentative essay. Major objective of the essay is to give opinion and argue on the thesis question by realizing the facts that are shown in the documentary film named “2 Million Minutes”. …
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A Thesis Driven Argument in Education
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Download file to see previous pages It is not acceptable as the Asian students are working hard and give their full effort in studies to fulfill their dreams and meet personal career objectives. It is true that people may have several opinions, but looking into the facts that are portrayed by the documentary film it can be argued that Chinese and Indian students deserve more things and opportunities in life as they seriously work hard comparing to the American students in order to fulfill their dreams. According to the interview of Tim Draper; the venture capitalist of Silicon Valley, the education system of America is breaking down. This documentary film follows the argument with several facts. The most amazing and interesting one is that more than fifty percent of the American students do not take mathematics beyond one year in Geometry and two years in Algebra. It is quite shocking. The demand of this particular subject is significantly increasing around the globe. Several geometric, algebraic and calculus calculations are required in several big projects. Limited knack of students towards mathematics is seriously affecting the education system of the country. It is an important fact. This source of this particular information is the website of “National center for Education Statistics, 2004”. Asian students are known for their hard work in their studies. It is true and cannot be denied that major talented and skilled professional come from this part of the globe. But, several political and economical issues create various difficulties for the Asian students to capitalize on the potential opportunities. The education system and concept about education varies from a country to country. American students generally devote themselves in their sports and jobs since their childhood....
This paper approves that recent financial crisis and economic recession changed the scenario of global economic environment. Limited disposable income of people, low purchasing power and poor economic growth of several developed and developing countries forced several governments to change their economic policies. American students can avail several potential opportunities in their life to make prosperous and successful professional career. On the other hand, the Chinese and Indian students follow straight line in studies. They never used to deviate from their major aim and goal due to lack of options and potential opportunities in their countries.
This essay makes a conclusion that the documentary film “2 Million Minutes” is an effective documentary film that provided a strong message attached to it. It is highly understandable that there are huge differences between the education systems in India, China and The United States of America. Students of India and China generally prefer in-depth study. They give their 100 percent in studies as their parents guide them to do so. On the other hand, American students do not love to spend long school hours as they prefer to take interest in several extra curriculum activities. Despite the hard work, the Asian students find it difficult to get the opportunity to study in renowned colleges and universities. On the other hand, American students get the opportunity to study in their preferred colleges. It is the economical advantages and political stability of US that helps the students to grow in their preferable fields. Therefore, it can be stated that the documentary film is totally practical and unbiased. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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