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Family nursing - Essay Example

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Mr. L has a wife and three children, two girls and one boy. The type of the family farm is a nuclear family, and they are descendants of Chinese. Religion in the family is dynamic. Mr. L is an atheist along with two children, his wife is Buddhist, and one child is catholic…
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Family nursing
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Download file to see previous pages Mr. L lives in three-bedroom condo in residential areas. Living room and kitchen are on the first floor, and bedrooms and bathrooms are on the second floor. The house has a hardwood floor and there is a small rug under the sofa. The air conditioner is in the living room, and there are small fans in all the bedrooms. Family members take off their shoes before entering the house, and wear slippers. Mr. L was diagnosed with DM ten years ago, and now he is administered insulin injections. He often comes to visit his primary doctor because he has swollen ankles and 0.2cm by 0.2 cm foot ulcer on his big toe. He denies any other health problems or surgery history. The family is in the stage of launching the young adults because Mr. L’s youngest child got married in 2010, and a grandson was born last year. Children talk to Mrs. L easily but they rarely talk to Mr. L. All children want to have only one child because they feel that they would be burdened by responsibilities if they will plan more children. Whenever Mr. And Mrs. L’s children face any problem regarding the new born they take advice from their mother and Mrs. L has always responded to them gladly. .Mr. And Mrs. L rarely talk to each other. However, Mrs. L is always concerned about her spouse and his chronic health condition. Mrs. L cooks brown rice instead of white rice because she knows brown rice is good for health, and also helps to reduce blood sugar level for patients who have been diagnosed with DM. Dysfunctional communication patterns are observed between husband and wife. Communication patterns are one way. The husband asks his wife to do the certain job for him and the wife does it without raising any question. While watching the news, the husband discusses his opinion on the news, and the wife too tells her opinion but if somehow wife does not agree with the husband regarding his opinions, husband’s voice gets higher and insists that his opinion is right which leads to cessation of communication between husband and wife. Affective messages are not exchanged between husband and wife. The wife is verbally and physically warm and close to her three children. Also, the children are affectionate to their mother. However, the husband only expresses warm feeling towards his oldest daughter, and has no warm words for the other two children. Life partners in this case, never express and share their internal warm feelings which they have for each other. Whenever the husband informs the wife about the problems that their family has exhibited, the wife angrily rolls her eyes at husband .It shows an incongruent message. Dysfunctional communication processes are seen in spouses. The husband himself assumes and makes decisions for his wife. While children plan a family vacation, Mr. L comes up with the argument based on his own assumptions that his wife is not interested in going anywhere. Close communication depicts the inner feelings between husband and wife. Cultural variable affects the communication factor between the couple because they were born and raised in China. In this case, the male is dominant in the house, and wife is submissive negotiating the fact that they follow western culture where the couples are egalitarian. The husband makes all the big decisions of family by himself and does not take any advice from his wife or children.. The wife usually follows his decision without asking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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