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This proposal focuses on cultural artifacts that have crossed over to other societies or rather cultures and made an impact in those cultures.An example of the “Gangnam Style” Korean song which was viewed all over the world and became a sensation in those countries especially the United States has been given to depict the theme of this proposal. …
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Transnational cultural phenomenon
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This proposal focuses on cultural artifacts that have crossed over to other societies or rather culturesand made an impact in those cultures. An example of the “Gangnam Style” Korean song which was viewed all over the world and became a huge sensation in those countries especially the United States has been given to depict the theme of this proposal. Another good example of a transnational phenomenon is the professional wrestler Oscar Gutierrez normally known as Rey Mysterio. The Mexican professional wrestler is known all over the world as a result of his high flying abilities in the ring which is his trademark. For many years, he has been and is still a sensation to many fans worldwide. The way he relates to his fans is also one of the many reasons as to why he has gained a very loyal fan base. He is a Mexican who is depicted to be fighting for the rights of the millions of Mexicans who are normally oppressed and denied of their rights (Trejo 56). He always talks of this and normally says that he is fighting for their recognition in the United States. Oscar is very much respected in his home country and is a huge public figure there. Rey has become an international success especially due to his humble nature (Trejo, 100). Despite being one of the smallest wrestlers in the industry, Rey has been able to beat very huge wrestlers such as Big Show, Undertaker and many others to clinch very prestigious titles such as the world heavy weight championship. His big heart and determination is an attraction to many. He is one of those wrestlers who goes against all odds and surprises many viewers by beating very huge opponents who are way stronger than him. His fame has gone far and wide and has become an inspiration to many.
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