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Tradition and Culture in the Third World Countries - Essay Example

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The essay “Tradition and Culture in the Third World Countries” focuses on the verge of development and growth of the third countries in the present world order. In the journey of transformation, these countries tend to acquire basic skills and ideas from the already developed countries…
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Tradition and Culture in the Third World Countries
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Extract of sample "Tradition and Culture in the Third World Countries"

Download file to see previous pages The Islamic influence helped to boost the peoples fighting skills and the greater strength of the empire. Owing to this, the Ottoman Empire expanded through conquering their neighbors with their well-advanced fighting skills. In addition, all these successes came due to the knowledge of their culture in advance (McCarthy 56). Third world countries do not have the capacity to create advanced technology enjoyed by the first world countries. Due to this, they have to borrow it from them and establish it to their capacity. Therefore, to have command of the technology, they need to learn the previous and present philosophies that led to their creation. This would give a guideline on how to develop other advanced technologies. Acquiring tradition directly from others may not be beneficial to all third world countries. Some kind of traditions does not fit in the lifestyle of the third world countries. Traditions were part of the motives that led to the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The empire had the tradition of inheriting the seat of a sultan. The struggle for the control of the empire led to its sudden decline. Therefore, the third world countries should only choose beneficial ideas leading to the growth of the respective countries (McCarthy 289).
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