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The Thanksgiving Celebration - Essay Example

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The paper 'The Thanksgiving Celebration' presents Thanksgiving, a uniquely American tradition dating back before the birth of the nation which is a time of food, family and at least a bit of anxiousness. Meeting with the family, some you might see regularly and others only see once per year…
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The Thanksgiving Celebration
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Extract of sample "The Thanksgiving Celebration"

Preparing the dinner is an anxious time too. Serving a dry turkey will ruin an otherwise perfect day. Is there enough, are there various desserts and is anybody allergic to anything? Cousin so-in-so is a vegetarian which throws the entire menu into turmoil. Everybody is welcome so friends of relatives come by for dinner. Hopefully there is enough. Either that or there is too much so you are forced to take some of the green bean casserole and yam surprise home. There was extra because nobody liked it but you have to pretend it was the best thing on the table when a covered dish is pawned off on you while leaving.
Like the food, the conversation is always the same. How’s school/work, when’s the game on/over and this food/drink is delicious. People try to catch up a year’s time with virtual strangers. Politics are avoided if you’re lucky. Of course, an older uncle is spouting off about someone or something being involved with hell and hand baskets. Still, with all the tense moments, we look forward every year to both arriving and leaving the Thanksgiving celebration and will all our lives. Read More
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(The Thanksgiving Celebration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 309 Words)
The Thanksgiving Celebration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 309 Words.
“The Thanksgiving Celebration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 309 Words”, n.d.
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