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Culture Exercise - Research Paper Example

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Culture Exercise Culture Exercise Cultural group I am an African American female and belong to the Cherokee cultural group which is a Native American tribal community. This cultural group is historically settled in the Southeastern United States (Georgia, the Carolinas, and East Tennessee)…
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Culture Exercise
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Download file to see previous pages My great grandmother and her mother (both deceased) belonged to the Cherokee cultural group. My family is a nuclear one, and my mother (deceased) was the only child of my grandmother. My mother has three children including my sister and brother. My maternal grandmother is still living, and she is the head of the family where my elder sister, her two adult children, and five grandchildren live. My husband and I live in a separate house, and we have … children. Language formulations All our family members speak, read, and write English; it is the primary language we use. The closest language formulation I could identify is the use of slang by my family members. It seems that none of my family members uses the language of Ebonics. Some common Cherokee slang is unique to this Native American tribal group, and they have originated as local dialects within the US Cherokee communities. The slang we use may be unfamiliar to someone who does not belong to this family culture. Religious belief system My family of origin follows a particular religious belief system. Our religious practices or denominations include Baptist, Holiness, and Christian Methodist Episcopal. There are no additional special rituals. Religious belief is particularly important to the family because it notably influences the way the family members lead their life. Except the religious belief system, no specific philosophy is followed by my family. Admittedly, the intensity of religious belief is declining from generation to generation. Power holder in the family In our family culture, female is the head of the most of the households because male members are absent from family due to their choice. In some cases, male members are not present in the family due to increased substance abuse or imprisonment. Today, many African American leaders are vehemently working to make male members aware of the importance of family living. They also strive to enable women to choose mates who would help raise the family. Although my grandmother is the matron of the family, each household enjoys the power to make its own decisions. Female members are the decision makers in the family because male members pay less attention to family affairs. Individual importance As per the current family structure, primary importance is given to individuals rather than the family unit. However, this family philosophy is subjected to changes under certain circumstances. To illustrate this, there is a shift of focus from individuals to the family unit with the death of my grandmother’s brother on 22nd May 2013. Once everything associated with this death is resolved, the focus will be shifted to individuals again. Every individual has unique views; hence, he/she perceives and deals with things differently. I give more importance to the family unit than individuals. Therefore, I primarily focus on the needs of my grandmother, husband, and my children. Celebration of holidays The thanksgiving celebration is the major celebration of the family. For this celebration, every family member gathers at grandmother’s home. Usually, we all do not gather at a place for any other celebration. However, it seems that family members living outside grandmother’s home usually celebrate Christmas, Easter, and other special occasions at their own homes. Special rituals My grandmother’s grandmother was a slave and was not allowed to practice her traditional ways. As a result, her children were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Culture Exercise Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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