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Ukrainian Art and Culture: the Tartar Barbarism - Research Paper Example

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This paper presents Ukrainian arts and culture. Ukrainian art was said to have its beginning in the pre-Christian era. In the 17th century, a Cossack Ukraine took an interest in the country’s culture and arts as a way of gaining the trust of the local Orthodox Church and population…
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Ukrainian Art and Culture: the Tartar Barbarism
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Download file to see previous pages When Ukraine embraced Christianity in the 16th century, churches were built in Byzantine style but adopted the traditional and local Ukrainian methods which can be characterized by “large central nave with almost square plans and a high framework, windows were situated high above the ground, and the buildings were covered with a vault, hipped roof or cupola,” a roofing type in which is conical in shape and sloping and made of wood, brick or stone. These churches can also be characterized by the placement of the altar, which was located on the east with the door in the west or south. Ukrainian church architectures may be distinguished from churches of other countries by their hipped roofs, one or two towers on the eastern portion of Catholic churches and “cubic frameworks with massive roofs in several tiers” (Serageldin et al, p. 316). During the period of Ukrainian history when Ukrainian arts and culture flourished most, called the golden era, in the 18th century, reconstruction boomed, and new buildings sported a distinctive Cossack or Ukrainian Baroque style, sometimes also called Mazepist (after Cossack hetman Ivan Mazepa) Baroque because although the style adopted the baroque influences, they also incorporated the local traditional style employed earlier in the second half of Mazepa’s reign and into the golden era. Ukrainian Baroque is characterized by long dome-shaped roofs, polygon rather than square elements and the division of walls into several planes. As earlier stated, Ivan Mazepa befriended the Orthodox Church to solidify his power base in Muscovy by gifting it with money, land and even villages. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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