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The essay entitled "Russian aggression" concerns the Russian policy in terms of the military conflict in Ukraine. Reportedly, Russian military intervention that followed Ukrainian Revolution in 2014 shows that rational modern thought designed to eliminate war in favor of diplomacy is inapplicable…
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Russian aggression
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Russian agression and its military intervention that followed Ukrainian Revolution in the shows that rational modern thought designed to eliminate war in general in favour of dimplomacy and peace is inapplicable to the violent barbarian tendeincies of the Vladimir Putin’s totalitarian reign which is supported by the quiet European protest without active involvment and Ukrainian’s own political immaturity which altogether makes average people suffer and threatens world with Cold War 2.0 and World War III as it all can be viewed as a new kind of confronation between the Russia and western alliance.
There are dozens of proofs that show clearly Russian involvment in the so-called “civil war” in the Eastern Ukraine. First of all military intelligence of the countries that belong to the NATO clearly states basing on the photos from satellites that Russian forces don’t hesistate in ceaseless delievery of army supplies, ammo, tanks, soldiers and army commanders to the Ukraine. More than that year ago exactly Russian missile systems of valley fire known as “Grad” (or Avalanche) based in the nearest Russian territory to the Ukrainian border bobmed peaceful Ukrainian cities. Proofs of that can be provided by the video, photo and written materials.
European inactivity because of its tough economic condition and its dependance on the Russian gas makes Germany and France hypocrites which try to shut the conflict down giving Ukraine more money. This money only gives Ukraine a possibility to survive and not fight back such massive violent creature which Russia always was. Sanctions and other prate only look like help while everything becomes only worse. Promised visa-free regime for which simple Ukrainians paid with their blood, 300% inflation and uncertainity in tomorrow becomes further and further with each day.
In global perspective Ukraine is an easy target but it is exactly Ukraine that is a cornerstone which stands on the crossroads of western and eastern interests. These interests with full speed go towards the Cold War 2.0 and rebulding of USSR. If nothing will be done in some time Middle East will not be the only region that admires was and lives only for it. The most global, total and incredibly important conflict of recent times concentrated in the eastern Ukraine. It won’t be Yugoslavia, Iraq or Syria because it will be much worse due to the more political subjects in this highly risky game. Being the biggest European country with more than 45 millions if citizens Ukraine will try to stand back but without help in some time Baltic States and even Scandinavian countries will feel the pressure. Annexation of Crimea shows that Russia will do anything while American and European promises and guarantees on the matter of Ukrainian independence and immunity of its borders from invasion don’t value much.
Something must be done and done quickly. NATO started strategic and tactical of unheard scale. They are the biggest beginning from the last decade of the 20th century. Ukraine still has most of the gas transit checkpoints without which Europe will be left withput gas. Ukrainian citizens won’t forget the cost with wich they bought their choice of better life according to the European standards. Ukraine knows its value though its politics still higly imperfect but the key for the conflict’s probably best solution is one united front (which is so in abstract but without serious actions) that should stop Russian agression. After all dirty war with all imaginable military sources only 800 miles away from European Union’s Borderis a serious business without doubt. Read More
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