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Postmodernism in the Arts, Architecture and Cinema - Essay Example

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The essay explores postmodernism movement. This paper will analyze postmodernism trough modernism. Modern means in the sense of “just now”. This word was coined late back in the sixteenth century that meant “being at this time, now existing”…
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Postmodernism in the Arts, Architecture and Cinema
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Postmodernism in the Arts, Architecture and Cinema" analyzes postmodernism and gives a review of modernism. This is a driving force that enabled humans to improvise and structure their environment according to their necessities. Modernism has revolutionized each and every aspect of human being. This melioration in environment was a direct consequence of science and technology. Modernism can be best described as a movement, an optimistic movement that covers the cultural and artistic domains. This movement had come into effect in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth centuries. Modernism is a renaissance for art, architecture, music, literature, applied sciences, philosophy and so on. Modernism influenced people to substitute the existing system with an intention of achieving progress at a rapid pace that could not be achieved by the traditional means. Modernism is retrospection in arts, sciences and music in order to add a new flavor, another dimension for the existing thought and facts. In this period the modernist thinkers rejected the traditional forms of arts and treated them as being outdated and old fashioned. The years 1890-1910 mark the beginning of modernism. A strange way of thinking crept in the minds of people who discouraged revising past knowledge for present day applications but they preferred having an entirely new set of rules that decide. Art, physics, Industrialization and social sciences had major backbone changes that challenged the traditional methods. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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