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Postmodern America - Essay Example

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The last fifty years in America has really been influenced by the postmodern period. The scholars have come up with the idea that this period is a period that postmodernism was gaining a lot of fame and changing the entire understanding of elite and mass culture…
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Postmodern America
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Postmodern America

Download file to see previous pages... This is period when science and technology came into place. The elites believed that a country cannot run without putting in place new technologies that are meant to make work easier and assist to solve difficult problems and situations.
As the term itself implies, the postmodern era is so much attributed to the ideas of the total end of the modern movement which had its establishment in the American society for about 100 years. The works which were very common in this time like the renaissance paintings, expressionism drawings, existentialism in philosophy, modern school of theory and the films which had its root cause during the era are now considered patterns of the past which are meant only for flowering and do not have any other important function. These movements are being replaced, however by the so called the new ear revolutions packed by chaotic, heterogeneous and empirical values. Issues in place in this particular period include the new expressionism, the existence of the pop art, classical arts and music, the new movements in the film making industry and new alarming literary criticisms which are based on texuality with some aesthetic value. There are however several other critics who have demonstrated that the list could be endless because this is a period that was packed by new changes in fashion and style and consequently the changes in the several areas that the individual in the society is attached to.
Postmodern is associated with the introduction of newer knowledge in the society. The changes of knowledge occurred within the postindustrial age and extended into the postmodern age. These changes have been in place in the late 1960's in America where it terms the start of the period as the completion of its reconstruction. There are a lot of variations in the developments of this period depending on the pace that a state has and the general activity that the state is taking. The issue of postmodern concepts however could just be a world of fantasy because several people believe that it is unwise for one to have too much faith in the future. Generally the term postmodern is used to refer to the changes in the cultural or economic conditions of the society that occurred immediately after the period of modernism. Although there are several contradictions on the extent to which modernism went, others terming that it ended in the 20th century, while others saying that it encompasses the period up to postmodern and the present, there is a general conclusion that these periods are not the same because there have been several changes in the different fields.
The area of scientific knowledge is worth noting during this time. Jean-Franois Lyotard argues that as far as the issues in fields like painting, architecture and music have so much been used to distinguish between the modern era and the postmodernism era, scientific knowledge is a kind of discourse that has its great developments rooted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Said and Gregory L. Ulmer. In his introduction to the book, Foster specifically argued that “anti-aesthetic” does not mean a reemphasis of modernism’s principle of aesthetic repudiation, or an anti-art stance, but rather is a critique of the very notion of the aesthetic in its modern manifestations with pseudo trans-historical and determinate meanings.
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