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Scuba Diving with Jellyfish - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay discusses first experience scuba diving. The writer was on a big nice scuba diving boat along with eight other divers on the trip. The boat was headed to an island about two hours away called "Jelly Island"; it was called that because of all the Jellyfish that inhabit it…
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Scuba Diving with Jellyfish
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Download file to see previous pages When we arrived at the island the captain stopped and anchored the boat. I immediately jumped in the water and started snorkeling while all the other drivers were still on the boat putting on their scuba equipment.
After being in the water for about two minutes wearing only my swim trunks, I started feeling this stinging sensation all over my body. After about another minute or so the stinging got so bad that I had to get out of the water and back on the boat. I mean the stinging felt like I was being burned or something the pain was excruciating. When I got on the boat, I found that I had welts on every inch of my body that wasn't covered by my swim trunks. I had been stung numerous times by a Jellyfish. I was blessed to still be alive said the captain of the boat, Poseidon. He was a Mexican man who claimed he was king of the ocean. Personally, I thought the guy was a little wacky. However, he poured this liquid substance all over my body and immediately made all the stinging go away. I immediately asked what the liquid was, soon after he implied, it was a secret liquid he made back home. I thought it was vinegar from the way it smelt, nonetheless, I was just happy for the stinging to be gone. Poseidon said the jellyfish had to have been one of the smaller species of Jellyfishes because if not I would have been dead. I immediately knew then that if I got back in the water I would have to wear a wetsuit and all the protective gear I could find.
A little while later, after I recovered from the jellyfish stings, I put on my wetsuit, weight vest, regulator, tank, fins, and mask, all the equipment essential for scuba diving. I was pretty nervous about going down, so the instructor, a man named Michael Walters went over all the steps, equalizing, breathing, and reassured me everything was going to be okay and to just relax.
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