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The diving industry involves exploration and investigation of the underwater beauty. Although various writers documented information about diving devices as early as 360 B.C, real opportunity for extended underwater movement and investigation did not occur until introduction of the Scuba regulator in 1943 by Jacques - Yues Cousteau and Emile Gagnan of France.
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Download file to see previous pages Sport diving is commonly used to refer to both skin and scuba diving activities.
Political environmental of a nation can heavily affect the diving industry. The diving industry is interrelated with tourism. It is mainly concerned with dive operators, tour organizers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and professionals. If the political environment of the nation is not stable or there is some kind of disturbance, then the people willing to dive will be few. 1
There is also the issue of territorial waters whereby divers are restricted to diving only in some parts of the water. Otherwise, they are required to get licensed or follow some procedures in order to get registered for the sport if they intend to venture in some parts of the waters. If proper authorization is not given, divers can face legal penalties for trespass. There are also various recognized national diving agencies e.g. NASDS, NAUI, SSI, PADI and YMCA. These agencies are the ones are the ones which certify dicers and they are engaged in competition just like in any other business. They also politicize the diving industry to some extent and influence the direction the diving industry takes.
Economical factors aff...
Diving is mostly considered as a leisure sport although recently there are many professional taking up the sport. When the nation is on an economic rise, more people tend to find time to utilize their surplus income in sports like diving. Diving also requires training.
Potential divers should look for an instructor who has been certified. It also requires equipment such as masks, snorkel, fins, wet suits, weight belts or scriber equipment. All these equipments require some economic input and although most of them can be hired, it still weighs on the pocket and not all people may be able to afford it. Diving may also result in some disorders e.g. oxygen poisoning or nitrogen narcosis which may require medical attention hence adding to the expense. 2
Socio-cultural factors affecting diving industry are very dynamic. Originally, diving was considered a very risky sport and it was initially attempted by men only. However, with time, women warmed up to the idea and have taken up the sport and a number of instructors in the diving industry today are women. In most places where water sports re developed, diving is becoming a culture. Many people are venturing into diving for fun, to explore then uncountable varieties of animal and plant life in the underwater world. Diving competitions can be a lot of fun and they also bring people together. It is out of such competitions and more training that diving professionals re born.
Technological factors influencing the diving industry have continued to improve the sport and make it easier. Over the years, equipment for diving has been improved to increase safety and reduce health risks. Initially, only equipment for skin diving i.e. snorkel, fins and masks were available and although these too have developed and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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SCUBA DIVING INDUSTRY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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