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Define the Origins of the Aqualung in Relation to Swim Diving - Essay Example

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The Scuba diving comes in two forms; Open and closed circuit. In the Closed-circuit system, the breathed out air is again inhaled upon the absorption of Carbon dioxide,…
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Define the Origins of the Aqualung in Relation to Swim Diving
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Download file to see previous pages The open air prototype expelled all exhaled air into the waters. The open air system is commonly used for the recreational diving. The Scuba divers suffers from the risks for decompression problems (divers using surface-supplied compressed air) should they ascend without adequate decompression. However, a mixture of Helium-Oxygen compressed air can help Scuba divers descend deeper as compared to compressed air.
The history of scuba diving dates back centuries. Many individuals have been diving underwater throughout the ages probably for a period long as they have been swimming. However, the diving may not have been in the exact form of scuba diving but ushered in the inquiry for dive and remained breathing underwater. In ancient times, such mechanisms as hollow reeds, as well as inflated airbags but had a lot of shortcomings. They had limitations based on depth and the duration the swimmer could remain underwater breathing. Scuba diving has undergone a number of tremendous expansions till the turn of the century where the number of new divers is gradually stabilizing. By 2012, the number of new divers certified was approximately one million. The Scuba diving remains a fledgling and vibrant sport as portrayed by the ever rising evolution of the dive equipment as its associated practices.
Over the recent years, the application of dive computers has been standardized effectively integrated into many certification agencies in their training curriculum. The incorporation of the wireless of air consumption into the algorithm of dive computers remains the most fundamental innovation. Accordingly, the incorporation of wireless integration into the diving sport has culminated into a safer diving. The chronology of the scuba diving is quite fantastic. The various civilizations throughout the years have indulged in breath-hold diving, free-diving. The existence of sea items on land and ancient pictures presents the evidence for early ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Define the Origins of the Aqualung in Relation to Swim Diving Essay.
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