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Jellyfish - Essay Example

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The essay "Jellyfish" seeks to discuss the Jellyfish, its characteristics, sting, and treatment. Jellyfish is a unique and aquatic creature categorized in the class of the Phylum Cnidarians. Jellyfish is one of the oldest creatures in the world in that it has existed for 700 million years…
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Download file to see previous pages Jellyfish have no head, spine, heart, eyes, or brain. Instead of having a brain, the creature has a nervous system also referred as the nerve net that consists of receptors that detect the odor, light, and other responses. Additionally, Jellyfish has sensory organs known as Rhopalia that helps in maintaining balance. They have a primitive sense that consists of the neural net and eye spots commonly used to sense dark and light. Jellyfishes’ body is comprised of three layers. The outer layer referred as epidermis, the inner layer known as the gastrodermis, and the middle layer referred as the mesoglea. The epidermis is the most important layer that covers the external body of this creature. The epidermis protects the skin from the invasion of harmful substances in the body. The gastrodermis protects the inner layer of the jellyfish. Typically, Jellyfish has a simple digestive cavity referred as the coelenterons that are used as the stomach and excretory organ. The coelenterons operate like a gullet, intestines, and stomach through the mouth. On average, the length of jellyfish tentacle is two to ten meters and the length can grow tremendously. A study conducted by King (22), indicates that the longest jellyfish to have lived was 120 feet. Jellyfish are carnivores and they tend to increase rapidly when the food is plentiful. These creatures feed on small crustaceans and zooplankton just to name a few. Jellyfish are nonaggressive, free-swimming, and surrounded by tentacles with poisoning and stinging cells. The tentacles contain sacs filled with poison that can be life-threatening. With its severity in mind, researchers have provided facts and information on how to treat this sting. To remove the sting, one should use tweezers, thick clothing, gloves, or sticks (Lindeen 33). According to this research, one should not touch the sting with bare skin since the sting is poisonous and can severely affect the skin. One should throw away the item used for removing the sting to avoid stinging yourself later. To fully deactivate the poisonous sting, one should pour vinegar on the stung for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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