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 The writer of this essay considers an even occurrence at various universities around the United States such as snow day’s emails. Finally, the snow days affect both the students and staffs in the college. Students are happy during this day while professors are concerned with the time lost…
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Snow Days on Campus
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Snow Days on Campus
Snow day’s emails are an even occurrence at various universities around the United States. Students, subordinate staffs and tutors have varied views about the snow days. A snow day is a when the country is covered with a large amount of snowstorms falling from the clouds. During winter, the snow remains on the ground for a long time thus forming glaciers. Severity of snow falls varies from one region to another depending on the wind effects and temperature of an area. It ranges from 2-4 inches at the lower side and 24 + inches as the highest.
Therefore, the severity thus determines the effect it has on the campus staff and students. I gathered a number of opinions on the impact of snow days in college. Albert, a student in the college, states that days enable them to have more time to spend in bed and watch Television and movies online. He also added that the day off released them from the busy class schedules hence allowing them to relax their minds.
Additionally, Fred a student also confirms that on this day, they spend much time ice skating. As a result, students seem to enjoy on these days because they do not attend school and also at home they do not cover up for the time lost. Monica, a worker in the College, claims that snow days actually affect their working schedule because they have to use a lot of time clearing the ice, more so during cold days when the ice melts slowly. She adds that there pay is also affected when they miss work for more than two days as a result of snowing. For that reason, the workers, therefore, suffer during these days more so when it prolongs.
Felix, a professor at the College, argues that the snow day deprives the time needed to cover the syllabus comprehensively. This is because one cannot make up for the time lost. Hence, this makes them give students too much information within a short period thus degrading the quality of education. He further argues that most of the concepts taught in college needs some concentration and time which when not provided makes it harder for the students to comprehend. Professor Kathleen, who also teaches in the College, comments that she has had a rough time during the snow. She says snow days happening in early semesters cause students to miss the night classes that is a problem since students cannot be told to study by themselves. Since new materials need class time to be processed. She also points out that the school calendar is affected by the snow days. Concisely, the professors are not happy with the snow days because it pulls them back in their different schedules. This forces them to compress the syllabus to fit in with the time provided (Storck, 3).
Finally, the snow days affect both the students and staffs in the college. Students are happy during this day while professors are concerned with the time lost. Moreover, the students will be affected when they have to deal with a lot of work that could have been covered during the snow days. Therefore, to a large extent this days affect the school community negatively.
Work cited
Storck, Pascal. “Measurement of Snow Interception and Canopy Effects on Snow Accumulation and Melt in a Mountainous Maritime Climate, Oregon, United States.” Water Resources Research 2002. Web.
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