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The writer of the essay "Good Writing" suggests that good writers organize their work in a logical and effective manner. Good writing is always a result of hard work and a lot of practicing. The ability to write well is not something that is inborn…
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Good Writing
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Good Writing
It’s hard to tell whether a piece of writing is good or bad by simply looking at it. You have to read, and analyze the piece writing and finally explain why the writing is good or bad. Good writers organize their work in a logical and effective manner. The ideas will be clear, interesting and concise (Murphy 2009). Ideas help a writer to communicate through writing to other people. The sentences will be fluent and flowing from one idea to another. A piece of good writing will be communicative and correct. This means that good writing will be free from spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. Good writing demands a person to recognize the owner if the writer borrows ideas form that piece of writing (Murphy 2009). Good writing is always a result of hard work and a lot of practicing. The ability to write well is not something that is in born (Murphy 2009). A good writer always puts in a lot of time and effort to improve his writing.
I would say I am a good writer. I always try my best to make sure that my work is free from grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes. I also ensure that my ideas are concise and are related to the topic. My ideas will flow fluently from one idea to another. Information connects thought my writing eventually responding to the needs of the reader. I also cite my work whenever I use any secondary or primary sources. I also read a lot and do a lot of practice to perfect my weak areas. This has helped me gain confidence and improve my attitude towards writing.
Murphy, M. (2009). Power practice traits of good writing, grades 4-5: over 100 reproducible activities to sharpen basic skills. Huntington Beach, Calif.: Creative Teaching Press. Read More
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