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Writing a Good - Research Paper Example

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Contrary to what most people think, writing a research paper is not easy. It needs a lot of time, resources, and diligence to ensure that one results in writing a research paper that is of the best quality based on actual facts that have been sampled…
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Writing a Good Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Before carrying out the actual research it is of utmost importance for one to acquire permission from the relevant authorities for them to carry out the research. I the above example, one should get permission from the officer in charge of the specific police department. Describing the purpose of the research paper follows by illustrating and the problem and showing its significance. This is best done by using an interesting example. The problem should be presented in form of a question which is to be answered by the final outcome of the research paper. After describing the purpose of the research paper, it is important to define complex terms, vocabulary, and concepts that will be used throughout the paper since the research may be used by people who are not familiar with such terms. For instance, one can use clearly defined foot notes when giving definitions. This helps to maintain the structure and the flow of the research paper. Before continuing with the research paper, it is advised for students to review the scene, topic and problem with their supervisor or teacher by showing them their introduction in order to very if they are on the right course. 2) Literature Review Literature review involves analyzing of secondary sources that touch on the issue being raised by the research paper. When approaching literature review one should use credible academic journals, scholarly article, reports, books, and other research papers that touch on the field of study that one is about to write a research paper on (Online Writing Lab 2004). There is no one definite way of carrying out literature review when writing a research paper. It depend on the referencing style n which on is using that is American Psychology Association...
Writing a Good Research Paper

In the field of psychology, trends, theories and approaches have changed and new ones emerged from time to time. In fact, new approaches to various issues in psychology have emerged in almost every decade. This being so, there has been the need for scholars and professionals in the field to undertake research on the ground in order for them to identify problems or test whether these new approaches really work. As a result this has created the crucial need for research papers in the field of psychology. This paper will identify and discuss the key elements of a good research paper which are introduction, literature review, hypothesis, methodologies, results, discussion, conclusion, and references. It will also discuss further on the process of writing a god research paper. 1) Introduction When writing a research paper, one should start of by generally describing and introducing the topic. This should be done by establishing how the topics in question fit and relates to the field of study. For instance, if one is intending to write a research paper on the effects of substance and drug abuse among law enforcement personnel, then one should explain what is drug and substance abuse and how it is related with law enforcement.

It is important to understand that a research paper is not an essay. Hence, the given format must be followed in order for one to illustrate the research undertaken for others to understand and comprehend. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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