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The term “Business Writing” is rather broad and can be used to effectively cover any form of written communication that may happen within the defined context of paid employment. This may include various forms of written communication such as memos, reports, marketing…
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Chose a good topic for me
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Download file to see previous pages Learning and horning effectual business writing skills can potentially have an immensely positive impact on my career advancement. Effective communication channels are a vital component in the successful running of any business organization. The use of professionally written writing material that is sent through these communication channels has been seen to improve an organization’s productivity as well as increase the ability of all the organization’s key functional areas to work together. This is especially so with the impact of globalization that has resulted in increasing global workplaces where collaboration is the usual norm (Small business Para 1).
The development of professional courtesy is one of the benefits of enhancing my business writing skills. In this age of constant text messaging, formal writing is being severely affected and most leading companies have been seen to assume that poor writing skills is actually a sign of laziness. If a business document comes across to the recipient as being too abrupt, it can commonly be misconstrued as a sign of the recipient being not important enough for the sender to take the time out to carefully check the document’s spelling and grammar as well as write complete sentences. Conversely, if an email message is carefully written, it becomes more impressive than a letter because of its added advantage of rapid transmission. The email’s recipient assumes that the sender considers him to be important enough for him to ensure that the message arrived quickly(Small business Para 4).
Good business writing skills help in actively persuading customers to buy a company’s products or services. This is an essential skill that is especially vital in the field of sales and marketing and may help a company in increasing its sales turnover figures (Small business Para 2).
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