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The writer of this essay focuses that Jane Zhao pieces of advice students pursuing the business major that they should develop their writing skills because it is important for their success in the profession. She even asserts this by stating that she got the position after passing a written interview…
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Importance of Writing in Business Profession
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Importance of Writing in Business Profession It is on Wednesday Morning at 8:00 am. Jane Zhao prepares herself to attend a management meeting at Dell Inc. an American multinational computer technology company. Jane Zhao, who is an Assistant to General Manager and a graduate in business major, plays an important role in management meetings in the company that take place weekly on Wednesdays. Jane Zhao describes her job to be “lovable and attractive” to her because of her experience and academic qualifications that have enabled her to be successful in the field of business management.
According to Jane Zhao, her typical day at work involves carrying out several responsibilities. Being the Assistant General Manager, Jane Zhao coordinates activities carried out by junior level managers then files a comprehensive report to the General Manager. In addition, Jane Zhao attends to departmental meetings in order to get picture of activities going on in the company. However, despite the complex responsibilities placed on her, Jane Zhao admits that her job also provides some form of flexibility such as being rewarded with a vacation schedule that fits her desires hence motivating her to carry on with the job.
Of more significance, Jane Zhao also admits that writing plays an important role in her career. Other departmental managers report to her concerning departmental activities that have to be addressed by presenting written information to the General Manager. Most of the issues articulated in the top management meeting have to be presented in a written form. In addition, she also presents an account for the expenditures incurred by her office in written form too.
Jane Zhao advices students pursuing business major that they should develop their writing skills because it is important for their success in the profession. She even asserts this by stating that she got the position after passing a written interview. According to her, students should be versed with the current trends in the industry by reading widely something that also contributed to her success. In addition, she also states that “working in other industries including service industry also helped” her develop experience in writing.
On the other hand, Jane Zhao also experienced challenges in different writings that have to be done in her job. Due to the kind of operations that take place in Dell Incl., writing and presenting departmental reports were challenging to her. In this regard, Jane Zhao had to be trained on various but relevant technical issues that were necessary for her to carry out her duties effectively. Therefore, she further advises that “students pursuing business major have to be flexible” in whatever field they get an opportunity in order to learn new writing skills necessary for their success.
The future of business major student is going to be tough because of several reasons. To start with, there are many graduates of business major than are the job opportunities. Jane Zhao explains that every year she receives thousands of applications from graduate students in business major yet there may be no single opening. According to her, “students should develop a good network with professionals” in order to increase their chances of getting a job after their graduation. Secondly, many industries are diversifying their income avenues while streamlining their expenditure hence reducing the number of employees. Therefore, students should be flexible to learn different skills and mostly writing skills in order to be able to multitask in such industries.
In conclusion, even though Jane Zhao likes her job, she admits that there are several challenges that can be solved through learning different writing skills. Jane Zhao points out that “being a successful Assistant Manger entails learning different writing skills that involve accountability and technical aspects”. Read More
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