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Undocumented, Indispensable by Anna Quinden - Essay Example

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This essay describes claim is the main thesis of an essay that sets the direction of the argument. In the essay written by Anna Quinden entitled Undocumented, Indispensable the main claim is that the Immigrant issue has already assumed a proportion that has to be addressed seriously…
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Undocumented, Indispensable by Anna Quinden
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Extract of sample "Undocumented, Indispensable by Anna Quinden"

Download file to see previous pages The primary claim of the author that immigrant issue has already assumed a proportion that has to be addressed seriously was well positioned. Quinden did not put her main argument nonchalantly or straightforwardly but rather, she used colorful descriptions and analogies that engage the readers. She used the description of geologic earthquake and comparing the march to the other important marches such as march about Vietnam War and feminist rallies. After engaging the reader about her claim, she then conditioned the reader to her arguments that there side of the arguments that were not considered about immigrants such as their contributions through the taxes they pay that they may in fact be the one helping to keep the system afloat. It also helped to mention that they are being demonized as social costs when in fact they work and also contribute to the social security yet not entitled to full benefits. In essence, Quinden humanized the issue that immigrants are not devils or social security malaise that drains our resources but rather as individuals who helps to keep our way of life. They may have kept wages down but they also keep the prices our homes cheap and ensure that our foods are cheap. Such, many employers who are also campaign contributors turn their eyes the other way about the immigration status of their worker. And perhaps they may be doing this because they are waiting for immigration laws to be more responsive to the reality of the times. Immigrants are workers and therefore are taxpayers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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