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Reflecting back on my years while growing up, my parents instilled the value of education in my persona. I grew up believing that education was the key to personal success, and thus it was my core priority in life. I committed myself to a lifestyle of diligent study that resulted into my enrolment in one of the prestigious universities…
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Speech Outline
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Speech Outline Introduction A. Attention material: Life is truly a dish of surprises. Each day we resolve to achieve personal goals, we define a set of resolutions and establish a course of action for attaining priorities.
B. Thesis Statement: At one point in our life, there are certain unavoidable circumstances that compel us to re- evaluate and change our priorities.
C. Credibility Statement: As a true testament, I was compelled to readjust my education priorities due to change of situational circumstances.
D. Preview: Based on a true account from my life, I will elaborate on the circumstances that led me rethink and change my priorities and consequently how I adapted myself to the scenario. Moreover, I will share with you the end results of my actions.
(Transition: Reflecting back on my years while growing up, my parents instilled the value of education in my persona. I grew up believing that education was the key to personal success, and thus it was my core priority in life. I committed myself to a lifestyle of diligent study that resulted into my enrolment in one of the prestigious universities. However, this would prove to be the first test of resolve on my education priority.)
A. Main point 1: I was confronted with the reality of the tough economic conditions that were unfortunately vital form my survival.
1. Subordinate point: In order to survive in college, every student needs sufficient tuition fees, accommodation funds and upkeep money.
a) Support: However, the cost of these three things doesn’t come cheap. My humble family background did not guarantee me sufficient funds to keep up.
(Transition: All of a sudden I was forced to rethink my education priority and evaluate adaptive solutions that would help me survive the tough campus life.)
B. Main Point 2: It was time for me to undertake a significant course of action that would not undermine my education objective but rather supplement it.
1. Subordinate point: I chose to undertake a part time job after study hours.
a) Support: I figured out that the part-time job was necessary in boosting my financial obligations in college.
2. Subordinate point: I equally decided to increase my private study time during the weekends after works.
a) Support: This was in account of the fact that I had to recover the private study hours lost at work over the week.
(Transition: With time, I grew increasingly appreciative of money and was at times tempted to abandon my studies and join the labour force. However, I came to realise that both employment and education were independent of each other.)
C. Looking back at my decision to realign my priorities, there are significant results that I was able to achieve.
1: Subordinate point 1: I was able to meet my financial obligations.
a) Support: The extra income I earned at my work enabled me to supplement my tuition, accommodation and upkeep funds at college.
3. Subordinate point 1: I was able to pursue my education priority in tandem with my work.
a) Support: Furthermore, I realized that I was primarily transferring my knowledge to practice in my job.
(Transition: I must admit that it was quite a challenge but the more I got used to both my priorities, the more I adapted with much ease.)
A. Final Review: Looking back, I am glad of the realignment and modification of my priorities. I was able to pursue my education priority in tandem with my work.
B. Thesis restatement: Based from my account, I was placed in a situational circumstance that compelled me to re-evaluate and change my priorities,
C. Closing remarks: In a nut shell, in the pursuit of personal priorities, life may at times confront us with challenges that test one’s resolve and commitment. Such challenges are not meant to intimidate us into abandoning set priorities. However, it is the rethinking, readjustment and inclusion of other priorities that will determine whether one achieves their set priorities. Read More
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Speech Outline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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