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Studying abroad can be a challenging task because one may not know what to expect in the country he is going to. However, it could also be interesting to those who dare to learn more about other cultures through immersing one’s self in the life of another nation…
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Why Study Abroad
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Full Why Study Abroad? Studying abroad can be a challenging task because one may not know what to expect in the country he is going to. However, it could also be interesting to those who dare to learn more about other cultures through immersing one’s self in the life of another nation. One of the common reasons of the interviewees for studying abroad is leaving their comfort zones. Being alone in a foreign place sure helps a person a lot to live on his own, looking after himself and providing for his needs, becoming more independent. Probably, one of the best ways of learning is to get involved with other people, learning their languages, beliefs, customs and traditions and get to understand their culture. Learning theories or studying about a culture in school may be enough for knowledge purposes however, immersing a person’s life in another culture gives a deeper understanding of what is learned inside the four corners of the classroom. Exploring theories through living would be more effective in learning and as the three interviewees said, studying abroad opens new perspective of the political lives as well as the everyday living of the people they got involved with. This is so because they not only study in school and live with the people but they also get in touch with them, speak with the natives and learn from different points of view. This then widens a student’s angle of analysis of what one is after. For a Languages student for instance, he may come to know about the dialects of the country he is studying in and studying about. It is then an encouraging experience that seems to a good chance for every student to grab, given the opportunity. Read More
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