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In life a person has to take advantage of the skills and abilities that are ones strength and identify the weakness in order to improve as a professional. I've been blessed with a high quotient of intelligence (IQ) which I utilized to absorb and analyze information. …
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Personal strength and weaknesses essay, example for EMBA
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Personal Strength and Weaknesses of Person
In life a person has to take advantage of the skills and abilities that are ones strength and identify the weakness in order to improve as a professional. I've been blessed with a high quotient of intelligence (IQ) which I utilized to absorb and analyze information. My qualitative analytical abilities are good. I'm an open minded person who realizes that teamwork is important in the workplace. Some of the values I believe in include respecting others, learning from my peers and utilizing sound judgment in the decision making process. My willingness to listen to my peers has allowed me on many occasions to gain insight about work issues I would otherwise not notice. My verbal and written communication skills are above average. I'm an efficient professional who works well under pressure. During my lifetime I have worked to improve my interpersonal skills everyday since this is the key to effective communication. I know how to deal with diversity in the workplace. My leadership skills have allowed me to guide and inspire other people. I like helping others and providing constructive feedback.
One of my biggest weaknesses is my inability to be able to visualize strategic options in the global aspect. I would like to be able to create business strategies for multinational corporations. I need to learn more about how to use business models in particular quantitative models. My creative has to improve so I can start thinking outside the box and create the ideas that lead sound business strategies. During my lifetime I have accomplished a lot. My biggest accomplishment is my twenty year marriage to my wife Lise and the family we raised together composed of my two children, Alan and Amanda. Another great accomplishment in my life was starting my own information technology company from scratch and turning it into a multi-million dollar business. A third accomplishment I'm proud of was purchasing a large parcel of land in Kamloops, BC and syndicating it in alliance with a group of high profile investors to build homes and condominium. This was a very large project whose value exceeds $200 million. Read More
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