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I grew up in Switzerland which is not all mountains, snow, chocolate and cuckoo clocks. Surrounded by beauty, there was not too much opportunity during my school years to stand and admire it, or even do much about sharing it. …
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Interpreting the dream
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Interpreting the Dream Have you ever looked in envy at a great actor, heard with wistful longing, a give an interview, talked with enthusiasm about a great art or photographic exhibition you attended, and thought, "I could do that, it's not just a job, it's a vocation and it's fun" And did you ever think, "If people like my work, I can make a difference to their life, and maybe, just maybe, I could make a living enjoying myself." For years now, I have been thinking and dreaming just these kind of thoughts and now I want to stop thinking and start doing. I must go after that dream! Oh, I know there I will meet some nightmares along the way, but they are not a problem, just solutions waiting for answers. I am going to find those answers, because creativity is my goal, and touching others feeds my soul, Yeah!
I grew up in Switzerland which is not all mountains, snow, chocolate and cuckoo clocks. Surrounded by beauty, there was not too much opportunity during my school years to stand and admire it, or even do much about sharing it. It was all head in the books, eyes on the screen, nose to the grindstone, got to get those good, academic grades. But I could not just ignore big, small, ugly or beautiful things in life. So I fell in love - with a camera - or two, three in fact. Photography and art became a passion with me, I entered contests and competitions and guess what People liked my work, I got great feedback.
This made me think seriously about how I could live life doing something I loved, was good at and might even get paid for. I knew it must involve creativity; visual, verbal and conceptual. People would play a major part in it, as colleagues, clients and audience. There would have to be serious challenges, mental and physical, plenty of laughs, a touch of the surreal, and I would need to eat. Swiftly, I discarded the idea of becoming a famous mountaineer, this would be too risky for my cameras and tripod.
I took a good look at myself and realized I had the qualities which matched what I wanted to do. I would enter the world of advertising - funny, touching, real, surreal, serious, educational, innovative, artistic, demanding and downright captivating! What more can I say
I imagined sitting with friends, having a beer one evening, when a brilliantly amusing, yet exciting and colorful piece of advertising appears on the T.V. screen. It might be for a chocolate cake, a tin of catfood or a toilet cleaner - anything! Suddenly, everyone would stop talking and concentrate for the 30 seconds it takes to get the message across. They would laugh at the punchline or final image, then turn to me.
"Yes" I will say modestly,
"That was one of mine."
And it will be, I intend to make it happen, I promise. Read More
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