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Without getting proper sleep our bodies don’t function properly. Sleep deprivation can adversely affect weight, normal motor functions, and ultimately reduce your age. During…
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Introduction to the Special Section on Dramatic Play
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Interpretation of Sleep/Freud 20/11 Interpretation of Sleep/Freud What is the biological basis of sleep and dreams? Where do dreams occur in thecycle of sleep, and why are they important to our psychological well-being? 
The biological basis of sleep and dream is replacement and it is important to our body and minds. Without getting proper sleep our bodies don’t function properly. Sleep deprivation can adversely affect weight, normal motor functions, and ultimately reduce your age. During sleep, brain goes through two stages known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (REM). During the Rapid Eye Movement, dream content habitually connects with recent things and experiences happened during the former day. Researchers believe that this is a method of brain exclusion whatever stimuli are in our memory and experiences and assists in our memory (Zimbardo, Johnson & McCann, 2009).
Dreams can occur in any of four stages of sleep. But the most memorable and flamboyant dreams occur in REM sleep or last stage of sleep. Sleep cycle reiterates itself about four to five times on average per night, but can be repeated as many as seven times. Therefore, one can imagine why people have different dreams during one night. But, mostly people only remember the dreams that happen during the time they are about to wake up. People don’t remember those dreams don’t mean they never happened. Some people think that they don’t dream at all but in reality, they do but just don’t remember what they dreamt about (Porter, 1987).
How did Freud use dreams to help people understand their behaviors? What evidence did he use to support the contention that dream analysis is a valid way of treating mental illnesses? Did the evidence he provide support his claims? 
Psychotherapy is a way that the dream material is examined clinically. It is vital to realize that dream is never used by you itself. When you are telling someone about your dream, it is not possible to portray the images you supposed while you were sleeping. Putting dream into words is a flawed endeavor to explain what you witnessed. Freud advised that dreams may reproduce our unconscious and unrecognized desires and fears. He said that person’s dreams are interpretations of psychological well being. He suggested that the unconscious disturbances in the thoughts of people are depicted in dreams and mental health is enhanced by interpreting the dreams (Zimbardo, Johnson & McCann, 2009).
What are the current ideas regarding Freud’s dream analysis? What do you conclude about using the method of interpreting dreams to treat mental illness?
The idea that Freud brought about dreams harvest little bolster within modern psychology. His overuse and use of the symbolization occurring within dreams, and the symbols was representative of sexual organs which bore little credence at that time and even lesser psychoanalysis that had that day. Today’s psychological thought regarding the issue of dreams say that they depict filing exercise. The similarity of an information processing correspondence is very close. This analysis and interpretation of dreams and their relationship with healthy mental life is confined to psychoanalysis. According to me, the interpretation and analysis of dreams is not important when trying to approve the wrong thinking (Vedfelt, 1999).
Zimbardo, P. G., Johnson, R. L., & McCann, V. (2012). Psychology core concepts. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon.
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Porter, L. M. (1987). The interpretation of dreams: Freuds theories revisited. Boston, Mass: Twayne Publishers.
Vedfelt, O. (1999). The dimensions of dreams: The nature, function, and interpretation of dreams. New York: Fromm International.
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