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Dream Interpretation - Essay Example

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The topic of dream interpretation has a sound logical basis, which warrants the psychoanalytic requirement. Sigmund Freud as the pioneer of scientific dream interpretation introduced the psychoanalytic theory. According to this theory, "certain sexual and aggressive urges emanate from ids and clash with barriers imposed by our egos and taboos of society ultimately leading to the removal from conscious to unconscious minds (Morgan et al.1993)i"…
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Dream Interpretation

Download file to see previous pages... Thus, the attitudes or responses vary due to the particular contexts. "An attitude is the predisposition to respond in a certain way (Fernald & Fernald, 2003)ii". Undeniably, people intend to satisfy desires by their performing attitudes in day-to-day lives. It is unanimous that dreams are psychologically significant and meaningful expression that meant the implication of the life of the dreamer and connotes a specialty of the occurrences of life. 'The Interpretation of dreams' by Freud has added a new dimension in the development of psychoanalytic explanation requiring the successful dream analysis. The book has opened the floodgate in dream interpretation and helped people bringing an epoch making change in this concern. Prior to the emergence of Freud's theory, the ongoing explanation regarding dream interpretation advocated that dream is the manifestation of mental activity of human being during sleep. With the arrival of the eminent book
by Freud, the period of 19th century being marked as the turning point bringing a revolutionary change in global context for dream analysis. Due emphasis is stressed on the neurotic symptoms in interpreting the dreams as the thoughts and ideas of people in awakening hours become visible in dreaming. In regard to the length and clarity of the dreams perceived, there are two sorts of dreams as categorising manifest dreams and latent dreams. Manifest dreams are consciously perceived and subsequently remembered just after the dreams are being dreamt while the dreams that cannot be easily remembered and seemed quite vague are the latent dreams. Of course, in many cases people cannot remember what they experienced in dreaming just with the awakening from the sleeping. This missing of the incidences of dream may be the result of the existence of some repressive forces. The core reason behind the manifest dream is the conglomeration and dominant presence of some latent thoughts. Such manifest dreams mirror the fulfillment of the wishes as regards the issues about which the dreamer was not conscious. However, they were left in the unconscious part of the mind. For instance, if someone expects to satisfy his or her hunger for food or money, is subject to dream the same. In this connection, an excellent example has been drawn by Freud stating that a medical student who routinely is to report to the hospital early in the morning with a view to making rounds, dreams of lying in a

hospital bed, and continues to sleep, comforted in the thought that she is already in the hospital. As regards the correspondence of wishes with dreams, there are certain objections since the wishes may not be equally good rather to some extent subject to be hostile in nature. Such hostile or adverse wishes may certainly drive the dreamer to take some repressive actions or dream alike things. At the same way, a dreamer who wishes to do better for someone may dream that he is doing so or rescuing anybody from the net of danger or adverse situation.

Psychological Explanation
As every dream has a psychological structure, it is significant to hold that every dream has a psychological explanation. Hence, much significance of psychological interpretation is laid on it. The obscurity or clarity of the dr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sigmund Freud
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