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Does Dr Who tell us about science and technology or the Britain of its time Discuss - Essay Example

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Doctor Who Does the Show Tell Us More about Science and Technology or Britain of its Time? [Course] Doctor Who: Does the Show Tell Us More about Science and Technology or Britain of its Time? Introduction The 19th century brought technological and industrial revolution in the Britain history…
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Does Dr Who tell us about science and technology or the Britain of its time Discuss
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Extract of sample "Does Dr Who tell us about science and technology or the Britain of its time Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the era gave birth to television, which changed many aspects of the British society (Campbell). During these years of technological advancements many other elements were also becoming popular in Britain. People were fascinated with TV shows and greatly appreciated them. One of the most famous TV shows of all times is Doctor Who broadcasted on BBC, the first story of the series began on 23 November 1963 (Hyland). The caste of Doctor Who is fascinating and interesting, the science fiction elements in the series is its major attraction. the first episode of ‘Unearthly Child’, Doctor Who has been at the heart of its viewers (Britton). This paper aims to analyze whether Doctor Who tells us more about science and fiction or Britain of that time. Moreover, the paper will discuss some of the many technological elements from Doctor Who. Thesis Statement: Doctor Who is a science fiction show which was first presented in 1963. The show has presented many technological elements which are either inevitably possible or impossible. It has merged science fiction with science fantasy and has grasped what was going on in the British society of that particular time. Background The longest running British science fiction series, Doctor Who first began in 1963. The series is based on about 800 episodes that have been broadcasted periodically, and celebrates its 50 years anniversary. The theme of the series revolves around the science fiction and science fantasy, as some of the critics identify it as science fiction where as some believe it’s a science fiction. Doctor Who portrays some of the most amazing and fascinating adventures for humans. The series incorporates elements of science and technology, through illusions, imaginary narrative, through its unique representation of character and events, like Aliens, Cyber men, Sonic Screwdrivers etc. The entries story of the series focuses on the concept of time travel that allows the characters of the series to travel anywhere, even in the past and future. Doctor Who presents advanced science, technology and fiction in a very innovative manner, attracting several viewers around the world. Some believe that the ideas in the series are beyond human imagination, whereas some ideas seemed quite reasonable with the foreseeable science and are believed to be possible. Another chief element, which contributed towards the longevity of the show, is that it has effectively portrayed the fact of technological development and transformation of British society. Doctor Who certainly highlights science and fiction, which has tapped fear and curiosity among the viewers with the help of strong imaginary narratives and comments of the technological issues. The argument Doctor Who is undoubtedly a brilliant piece of science and fiction, but the need is to understand whether the show has actually tried to portray science fiction or science fantasy and whether it has reflected the Britain of that period. The science and technology that has been showed in Doctor Who is certainly beyond ones imagination (Campbell). Doctor Who is a science fiction series and viewers enjoy watching it as it is fun (Mckee). It gives the viewer an escape from their routine life and exhausted schedule so that they can fire up their imagination with some extra imaginary story. Some of the concepts in the serieshave become a part of reality whereas some are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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