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10 Activity (Speech) Reports - Essay Example

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Firestone visited campus to discuss the Network Economy and Policy in the Era of Globalization. With each speaker’s credentials, they both gave an enlightening view on how it is not just people in one country that work…
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10 Activity (Speech) Reports
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Download file to see previous pages He also worked alongside United States President Barack Obama, serving on the Presidential Transition Team where he served as the economic agency review group head. He has worked extensively on international law policy and has also authored a number of books that discuss the relationship and impacts of foreign economics such as In China’s Shadow: The Crisis of American Entrepreneurship where there is a direct impact that since a lot of business and manufacturing has shifted to China, it directly impacts the United States because of lost jobs and wages for the people in America.
Firestone is the executive director of the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program and has worked extensively on how new communications policies models are important. With globalization of the economy, it is necessary for all people to remember to be aware of other cultures, their technologies, and ability to communicate and be socio-economic when dealing with other countries. As an attorney, he worked at the Federal Communications Commission as well. He has also penned several books including Digital Broadcasting and the Public Interest and Television and Elections.
Hundt and Firestone delivered a message that discussed that the network economy is part of the economy in which it is part of the society of information. Nothing is localized anymore. Especially with communication through social media, there is information available to people at any given time, all across the world. Of course, with Firestone’s background as an attorney, he offered information discussing the different policies across the world. Although each country may be working together, each one may have different policies in regards to the economy. Every country has its own set of laws and it is important to be mindful of them.
In this discussion, it was quite informative that in regards to a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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